Pro-Life Demonstrators Threatened with Lawsuit by Family of Woman Who Assaulted Them

America has become the land of lawsuits, many of which are so stupid or frivolous that you would think it unethical of a lawyer to even take the case, let alone file it in court.

I recall one where a guy purchased a cup of hot coffee from a fast food place and then drove off. He was forced to stop suddenly in traffic, causing hot coffee to spill into his lap so he sued the fast food restaurant that sold him the coffee.

There was another one some years ago when a man tried breaking into a store through the ceiling. He fell through the drop ceiling and broke his leg. He was unable to climb back out or leave the store and was still lying on the floor when store personnel showed up in the morning. He sued the store for his injury and for his hours of pain and suffering.

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One of my favorite frivolous lawsuits was filed by a family in Arizona. They had been camping at a lake in the central part of the state when a mountain lion attacked their son. He suffered bite and claw wounds, was treated and healed okay. The family filed a lawsuit against the Arizona Game and Fish Department for failure to control their wildlife. The judge threw out the case.

Now we can add another stupid frivolous possible lawsuit to the growing list of wasting court time.

Created Equal, a pro-life group sponsored a prolife demonstration in Columbus, Ohio. The demonstration was peaceful and well within their legal rights until they encountered 28 year old Victoria Duran. As Duran left her job at a Burger King, she reacted to the pro-lifers. She started cussing loudly at the group, calling them all kinds of profane names. Then she grabbed their signs and began tearing them up before physically assaulting a teenage demonstrator.

The assault was caught on video and soon went viral which also recorded her verbal tirade:

“This is absolute lying there, f***ing dipsh**. That is not what a fetus looks like, okay? It’s a clump of cells at twelve weeks. It does not look like that. It’s a clump of mother f***ing cells. No hands are shown at that time. You so white privilege racist f***ing male that doesn’t stand for women’s rights. Get the f*** out of her, f***ing dipsh**. And get that camera out of my face, either. F***it! … F*** you. F***wit. You are f***ing white male privilege a**holes. What you are is a racist motherf***er as well. How dare you f***ing do this kind of sh**, a**hole. … You f***ing sexist misogynist motherf***ers. That is all you are! You don’t give a sh** about women! You don’t give a sh** about life! All you are is a bunch of a**holes. All you are a bunch … No uterus, no right to talk about it! Understand me, motherf***er? … Your signs deserve to get f***ed up!”

I warn you that the video below contains all of the bleeped out words above, but clearly demonstrates this woman’s problem.

Duran is such a well-spoken lady, isn’t she?

After all of that, Duran’s family has threatened to file a lawsuit against Created Equal for emotional distress. You read this right! The family of the attacker, Victoria Duran, is threatening to file a lawsuit against the people she assaulted verbally and physically because of her emotional distress.

Mark Harrington, Executive Director of Created Equal told OneNewsNow:

“In America, apparently the victim is often portrayed as the victimizer, and I think that’s what’s happening here. Her daughter will not take ownership for what she did and now wants to blame the victim.”

“In order to inflict emotional distress, it has to be an extreme and dangerous and reckless incident. All we did was simply exercise our First Amendment rights to present a pro-life message in the public square. In no way does this situation meet that criteria, and I would consider this a frivolous lawsuit.”

Charlie Butts with OneNewNow points out:

“Ohio is one of several states that have anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) laws, which prohibit frivolous lawsuits. Created Equal is prepared to make a defense against a potential lawsuit on that basis.”

If the Duran family decides to carry out their threat and file the lawsuit against Created Equal, you can definitely file this one in the stupid and frivolous lawsuit box and tuck it away with all of the others.

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