Pro-Life Display Offensive but Male Nudity Not on U. of Alabama Campus

At one time in America, something considered offensive went against our conservative Christian norms.  Things like nudity, foul language, graphic violence, the use of blood, urine and feces in art or public displays were all considered to be offensive and generally not tolerated by the American people or the courts.

Then liberals began to challenge our conservative and Christian norms, often citing the First Amendment right to free speech.  They successfully overturned pornography laws which opened the door to many facets of what once was considered to be offensive and still is to many of us.  So-called artists have used the First Amendment to justify using blood, urine and feces in their works, even displaying Jesus in a jar of urine or showing someone crapping on the American flag.

Liberal immorality and perversion has so permeated American culture these days that what is deemed offensive has made a 180 degree turn.  Pornography and other perversions are legally considered to be normal and traditional while Christian conservative values are now commonly ruled to be offensive.

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We can’t allow anything Christian in our public schools not only because of the fictitious separation of church of state but also because it might offend someone.  However, the same rule doesn’t apply for anything Muslim or atheist as they are allowed in more and more public schools throughout the nation.

An example of the change in what is offensive can be seen in a recent incident that took place at the University of Alabama.  Bama Students for Life set up a pro-life display on campus with a photo of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist convicted of murdering babies born alive and two images of aborted babies.  The display also contained the messages:

“NOT SAFE, NOT RARE, just legal.”

“56 million human beings have been aborted since Roe V. Wade”

The Bama Students for Life display was set up on January 17 and then was suddenly gone by February 6.  The pro-life group was not given any notice or explanation for the removal of the display.  Claire Chretien, President of the pro-life group sought out Donna Lake the Event Coordinator on the Alabama campus.  Lake told Chretien:

“You guys were lucky to get it up there as long as you did.”

Then Lake explained to Chretien that the university policy says that she can remove any display that she deems contains offensive or graphic material.  Chretien argued that they university allows posters to be displayed that showed full frontal male nudity and movie advertisements that were all blood stained and these things are offensive to many.  Chretien then asks:

“Who defines what is and is not offensive?”

And the answer to that question is easy as the liberals with little to no moral values are the ones that determine what is and is not offensive.  To them, anything Christian and conservative is offensive and won’t be allowed.  They don’t care about the same First Amendment right to free speech that they used to get their perverted ways accepted.  They don’t want equality.  They want superiority and they are getting just that.

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