Pro-Life Student Club Rejected by School District

It amazes me that some of the hardest people to teach are educators. How many times have schools and school districts lost lawsuits for banning Christian or conservative student groups or clubs from forming and meeting on school property? You would expect educators to quickly learn that they can’t violate the constitutional rights of students just because they comply with the educators liberal and socialist agendas.

However, not all educators are as smart as the students they are teaching and that includes educators in the Clark County, Nevada school district. In case you are not aware of where Clark County is, it is home to Sin City, The City That Never Sleeps or better known as Las Vegas.

Angelique Clark asked for permission to form a pro-life club at West Career and Technical Academy where she attended. The club would be known as the WCTA Students for Life, an affiliate of Students for Life of America. This turned out to be a problem for Assistant Principal Allen Yee. He turned down Clark’s request for the following reasons:

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* The name was not inclusive enough–it would make people on campus with the opposite view feel left out and look bad for the school in the media.

* Regardless of the name, simply having a club that picks a side on the top of abortion was not inclusive enough.

* Permitting a pro-life club would cause negative media coverage of the school for “supporting” the pro-life movement.

* There are “far more qualified” people who know more about abortion than a sophomore in high school.

* The topic of abortion is controversial.

* Public schools are “different” when it comes to First Amendment rights to speak and assemble.

For weeks after having her application rejected, Clark kept trying to follow the chain of command from Yee on up, trying to plead her case and defend her constitutional rights, but all she got was the run around from school and district officials. Clark shared her frustration with the local news, saying:

“It was very frustrating. I was very disappointed because I really wanted to have this club. But, I was determined to continue to fight for it because I knew that it was my right to have it.”

Emily Wilkinson, West Coast Regional Coordinator for Students for Life of America commented:

“To tell a 16-year-old that she can’t talk about abortion is really insulting.”

“Suing is an option, but it’s something that will be done as a last resort after a demand letter was issued.”

“It’s all depending on the administration’s acceptance.”

The Thomas More Society has taken up Clark’s case and sent a letter to the Clark County School District Superintendent. The letter reads in part:

‘West Career & Technical Academy’s refusal to officially recognize this pro-life club constitutes a violation of Angelique’s rights under both the federal Equal Access Act (:EAA”) and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Further, Clark County School District’s “two tier” club policy is itself a violation of a students’ rights under the EAA and the First Amendment.”

Whether or not this issue goes to court depends upon the school district and whether or not they continue to reject Clark’s application for her pro-life club or they abide by the law and grant permission. Will the educators be educated or will they continue in their blind loyalty to their pro-abortion agenda?

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