Pro-Lifers Miffed at Mitt

Back in August, I wrote Will Abortion Become a Presidential Issue? in which I reported that Rick Perry had joined all of the other Republican presidential candidates in signing the Pro-Life Presidential Leadership Pledge.  At that time, there was one candidate’s name that was missing from the list and that was Mitt Romney.

Following up on the pro-life issue, Personhood USA sponsored the first ever pro-life presidential forum which was streamed live online from Greenville, South Carolina this week.  Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry were present for the forum.  Ron Paul joined in via satellite.

Once again, the only candidate absent was current frontrunner Mitt Romney.  His campaign staff said that there was a scheduling conflict that prevented his participation in the pro-life forum.

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When Romney was governor of Massachusetts and pushed through what has become known as Romneycare, the state’s health program provided coverage and funding for abortions.  Gov Romney at the time was pro-abortion.

Now that abortion has become an issue with the Republican candidates, Romney claims to have changed his views on the subject and is now pro-life.  According to one statement Romney made, his pro-abortion stance was changed after considering legislation that would have allowed researchers to create or fertilize new embryos for research purposes which would ultimately destroy the embryos.

I can’t help but ask why destroying a tiny embryo was disturbing to him when the murdering of a growing child was not?

Romney has places a “My Pro-Life Pedge” on his campaign website, but is it a genuine stand or another one of his political ploys, hoping to appease the pro-lifers.  If he has genuinely changed his views on abortion, then why has he not signed the Pro-Life Presidential Leadership Pledge?

With so many doubting the sincerity of this new pro-life stand, you would expect him to either make an effort to participate in the pro-life presidential forum or even release a statement to Personhood USA stating his pro-life views.

To be honest, Mitt Romney’s true views on abortion and the sanctity of life are about as clear as the eligibility of Barack Obama to serve as President of the United States.

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