Pro-Lifers Physically Assaulted but Police & DA Refuse to Take Action

Norman, Oklahoma, population 110,000, lies in the center of Tornado Alley and is the site of National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center for the region.  It is also home to the University of Oklahoma which boasts an enrollment of around 30,000.  Lying in the center of the state, for the most part, Norman is a peaceful town for a city of its size.

Except for an incident that took place last December 17.  Toby Harmon, a pro-lifer with the group Abolish Human Abortion, was preaching outside a local abortion clinic.  A young couple emerged from the clinic and Harmon called to them to see if there was anything he could do to help them.  The young man responded violently and started going after Harmon and his companion.

The young man hit Harmon in face and then grabbed the camera from Harmon’s friend Jeremy that was being used to film the incident and smashed it on the ground and then stomped on it to make sure was totally destroyed.  Jeremy had a second camera and pulled it out and began recording the rest of the assault.

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They told the aggressive young man that they were filming and calling the police and that if he continued the assault that he would be in more trouble.  However, the angry man continued to pursue Harmon and Jeremy across the street and more than 50 yards from where they started.

It’s hard to hear, but at one point in the video, the aggressor said that he wished he had brought a gun with him.

The police finally responded and took notes of the incident but refused to take any action or make any arrest.  Instead, the officer suggested they take it up through mediation, but when they did, they were not allowed to use the video as evidence.  Harmon emailed the district attorney with the links to the posted assault, but never heard back from him.

Since his story and video went public, the Norman police department has been receiving numerous phone calls demanding that they take action against the attacker.  So far, they still have done nothing.

I wonder what would have happened had Harmon or Jeremy been the aggressors against the young man whose girlfriend or wife just had an abortion?  Chances are, they would have been arrested on the spot and charged with assault and possibly a hate crime.  It’s discouraging enough to see our government becoming so one-sidedly liberal, but when law enforcement joins them, it gives little reassurance to the rest of us as to who they will and not protect.

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