Prosecutor In Smollett Case Got $408,000 From Soros

Flashback to the Chicagoist piece on her money from Soros for her election and after. She’s one of the many progressive prosecutors he’s trying to get in to ‘fundamentally transform’ the criminal justice system.

Here she is pictured below this month with Alexander Soros, George’s son, at a fundraiser for what appears to be another PAC.

Here’s a look at the ‘Dark Money’ behind Kim Foxx’s states attorney campaign.


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In the highly contentious Cook County State’s Attorney race, each candidate has their funding bases. Incumbent Anita Alvarez has Chicago’s “old-boy power support” behind her, according to the Better Government Association—City Council’s most powerful alderman, Ed Burke; Illinois’s last true political boss, Michael Madigan; various associates of former Mayor Richard M. Daley. (She’s also accepted over $25,000 from at least 60 of her employees.) Donna More is largely self-funding her campaign, as well as tapping into the Republican donor network. And Kim Foxx is working her political patron Toni Preckwinkle’s connections; many of the largest donations to her campaign fund are from unions.

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But Kim Foxx has also found two other sources of cash, in the form of twin $300,000 donations to a Super PAC supporting her called Illinois Safety & Justice. The sole donors to the PAC are neoliberal superdonor and conservative-boogeyman George Soros and a “dark-money” group called Civic Participation Action Fund. A Super PAC is a fundraising group, created by the 2010 Supreme Court Citizens United decision, that can raise as much money as they want for any candidate or cause—as long as they don’t coordinate on any level with political campaigns, which have much smaller campaign limits.

Soros is a notorious liberal donor—he dropped $20 million on the 2004 election, and recently donated $8 million to a leading pro-Hillary Super PAC, as well as put up $5 million to increase Latino voter turnout. But according to Illinois Sunshine, a database of State Election Board filings maintained by the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform, this marks the first time Soros has entered into a political race in Illinois—ever. (Though he has been intervening in local District/State’s Attorney’s races with increasing regularity, donating over $400,000 in a Caddo Parish, Louisiana, nearly the same amount in Mississippi last year alone. More

George Soros found that the law was getting in his way so he decided to install bought and paid for district attorneys and state secretary to circumvent the law. If you wonder how the fraud vote never gets challenged, look no further than a Soros purchased operative.

Does anybody else find it ironic that the left is constantly demonizing us and refers to us as Nazis, but then turns right around and embraces an actual Nazi in order to fund their pet programs?

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