Protecting Your Daughter Makes You a Hateful Person

The issue of a boy claiming to be a girl being allowed to use the girls’ bathrooms and locker room at Florence High School in Colorado is still heating up for some parents.

Last October I shared with you that allowing an anatomically male student to use the girl’s facilities as well as the boy’s facilities.  Girls attending the high school have been complaining that a boy, who claims to identify as a girl has been harassing them and making improper comments to them while in the girl’s bathroom.  The boy in question not only uses the girls’ bathroom, but he also uses the boys’ bathrooms which sends a mixed message as to his supposed gender identification.

When some of the girls complained to school officials, they were told that there was nothing the school could do and that continued complaints could result in the girls being punished.  Some of the girls were told that they could be removed from the school’s team they were on if they continued to complain about the boy.

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Parents of the girls approached the school administrators and were also told that there was nothing the school could do to and that they could not ban the boy from using the girls’ facilities.  Their only recourse was to contact the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) who in turn sent a letter to Florence High School requesting that the school take appropriate action to protect the girls from being sexually harassed by the boy in question.

However, Rhonda Vendetti, School Superintendent told Transadvocate (a website for transgender people):

“Nothing has actually been verified.  This is one parent basically bringing their viewpoint about this situation to the media because they weren’t getting the responses that they hoped they would get from the district, from parents of students at the high school, or from the board and myself.”

Now, parents are fuming mad and demanding that their daughters be protected from being exposed to the confused boy.  They are turning to the Pacific Justice Institute for help.  Brad Dacus, President of JPI has submitted a counter proposal in accordance with Colorado law and the US Constitution that will protect the girls from being submitted to the presence of a biological male in their bathrooms and locker rooms. School officials have to acknowledge the receipt of the counter proposal, let along take and action on it.

Dacus told OneNewsNow:

“This policy makes it very clear that at no time will it allow people of the opposite biological sex to undress in the presence of others.  This is very basic in ensuring the protection of all students.”

“We recognize that there are those who sincerely struggle with identifying with their natural gender – and we’re sympathetic to their challenges – but it doesn’t change the fact of their biological sex.”

“But they have also gone so far as to harass and threaten those [female] Christian students who have voiced objection to not wanting to dress or potentially be naked in front of the opposite sex.”

When word got out about the parents’ complaints and the counter proposal submitted by Dacus, gay rights activists said that he and the parents are ‘hateful people.’  In other words, a parent who wants to protect their daughter from being naked in front of a boy and vice versa is being called hateful.  I call them responsible parents for taking action to protect their daughters.

Calling responsible parents hateful clearly demonstrate the disregard of others and of any sense of moral decency.  Their perverse lifestyle sees nothing wrong with nudity or exposing themselves to others.  Their sense of moral values has been so seared by their sins that they no longer feel the guilt and shame of their actions.  Since they no longer feel the guilt and shame, they now want to force everyone else to be like them.  However, most Americans still have a sense of moral decency coupled with guilt and shame when they do wrong and they need to continue to stand up for their values as some of the parents of Florence High School students are doing.

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