Protesters Turn Back Another Round of Illegal Aliens in Murrieta

Once again, Americans are standing off against the federal government.

The small town of Murrieta, California, is the scene of the tense showdown as anti-illegal immigration protesters, including a few Marines and legal immigrants from countries like Germany, Mexico and other parts of Central America, have caused a scheduled third round of buses filled with illegal immigrants to be rerouted to San Ysidro.

Murrieta is one of numerous towns across the nation that was planned to be a dumping ground for hundreds of illegal aliens who have been flooding the southern border because of President Obama’s lax enforcement policies. They have turned into essentially an open invitation to foreigners to pour illegally into the United States, knowing that even if caught there is virtually nil chance of being sent back.

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The difference is that last Tuesday, protesters successfully blocked and turned back a convoy of buses full of illegal aliens.

That has inflamed the pro-amnesty Left groups and the La Raza movement, which have turned out to counter-protest, complete with “Aztec” dancers, Jesus costumes and alleged priests, not to mention the usual array of signs and anti-American displays of flag desecration.

One participant in the Murrieta protests, James Hawn, posted on his Facebook page, “Went to Murieta today. One of the most depressing days of my life. The hatred these people have for us is mind-blowing. They shredded American flags and dragged them in the dirt. We, of course, were called racists even though they did not hide their hatred of us. And, we are expected to welcome them??? Just let one of us go to Mexico on Cinco de Mayo and shred a Mexican flag.

“The usual, aging white hippies were also there spouting love one another bulls***. The vitriol from the pro-immigration group was mind-blowing. There was a yellow police tape separating the two groups and they shouted non-stop about our racism, etc. They were vicious.”

He goes on to describe how amnesty supporters crossed the police tape to harass anti-illegal immigration protesters and stir up trouble for media cameras.

Rumors have been swirling for days that the feds were going to send in a riot squad to deal with protesters (at least the ones against illegal immigration), and the authorities did block off the road into the Border Patrol station on Monday, causing the protesters to stake out positions to the north and south.

This situation is becoming reminiscent of the Bundy Ranch showdown when the Bureau of Land Management tried to roust rancher Cliven Bundy from grazing cattle on land his family has tended for more than a century. Numerous Bundy supporters showed up to help, while the Left complained about Bundy but mostly was too lazy to do anything about it. That showdown ended with the feds finally backing down in disgrace.

The difference in the Murrieta situation is that the Left is represented by La Raza and other groups that are full of angry young Marxists with nothing better to do than egg on federal officials and try to light a match to the situation.

A group of La Raza militants, complete with face scarves and brown-shirt uniforms adorned by Mexican flags, made the scene Monday, claiming they were there
“to protect the children.”

Murrieta right now is a powder keg soaked in gasoline and trimmed with thermite. If the feds are stupid enough to light the fuse or let the Marxists do it for them, the explosion will likely be felt even in Washington, D.C.


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