PTL! Homeland Security Lets Romeike Family Stay in US Indefinitely

Your prayers have been answered!  When all seemed lost and hopeless for the Romeike family and it seemed that they were facing certain deportation back to Germany, a miracle happened.

Yesterday I wrote about the US Supreme Court refusing to hear the Romeike family appeal and posted it early this morning.  That meant that all of the legal options to fight deportation had been exhausted.  US Attorney General Eric Holder had won his battle against this Christian homeschooling family and they were facing the nightmare and persecution waiting for them back in Germany.  Once deported, they would be faced with sending their kids to public school which is as bad and socialist as our own public schools, or lose custody of their kids to the German state.  Neither option was palatable to the Romeike family.

I quoted the latest update from Michael Farris of the Home School Legal Defense Association that appeared on their website.  It was brought to my attention this morning, after my article posted, that Farris posted the following miraculous news:

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“The Department of Homeland Security verbally informed Home School Legal Defense Association that the Romeike family is being granted indefinite deferred action status. The Department told HSLDA that this meant the order of removal would not be acted on and that the Romeikes could stay.”

“HSLDA Chairman Michael Farris was thrilled.”

“‘This is an incredible victory that I can only credit to Almighty God. I also want to thank those who spoke up on this issue—including that long ago White House petition. We believe that the public outcry made a huge impact. What an amazing turnaround—in just 24 hours,’ he said…”

“Uwe Romeike said he is extremely grateful for the support and welcome he has received from America.”

“‘We are happy to have indefinite status even though we won’t be able to get American citizenship any time soon. As long as we can live at peace here, we are happy. We have always been ready to go wherever the Lord would lead us—and I know my citizenship isn’t really on earth. This has always been about our children. I wouldn’t have minded staying in Germany if the mistreatment targeted only me—but our whole family was targeted when German authorities would not tolerate our decision to teach our children—that is what brought us here,’ he said.”

“‘Our entire family is deeply grateful for all the support of our friends and fellow homeschoolers and especially HSLDA. I thank God for his hand of blessing and protection over our family. We thank the American government for allowing us to stay here and to peacefully homeschool our children—it’s all we ever wanted…’”

“Farris said there is no way he would have let the family go back to Germany.”

“‘When we lost at the Sixth Circuit, I told Uwe that he would go back to Germany over my dead body. I’m glad that wasn’t necessary! This is a courageous family and one that deserves to stay here. They are modern day Pilgrims.’”

There was no doubt that Eric Holder was licking his lips and salivating over his victory to rid America of a Christian homeschooling family.  Chances are he was already penning the orders to send the Romeike family back to certain persecution.  Considering the fact that the Department of Homeland Security, next to the Justice Department is the most liberal anti-Christian department in the Obama administration, their granting of an indefinite stay for the Romeike family is truly a miracle from God.  What the Romeike family has gone through over the past few years reminds me of Matthew 5:10, when Jesus said:

“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

He heard our combined prayers and intervened on behalf of the Romeike family, demonstrating what Jesus said in Matthew 18:19-20:

“Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

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