Public Murders: Until You See Proof, Don’t Believe Anything

It is not often that one crime provides wisdom to help us respond to another crime, but the recent murders of a former Texas DA with his wife, and the January murder of his former assistant, can really help us as we watch the news about the Boston Marathon bombing.

You don’t have to listen to the mainstream media very long regarding the bombs at the Boston Marathon to here the media tell you that it is probably domestic terrorism rather than foreign terrorism. And somehow that gets entangles with the idea that the terrorist must not be a minority (which shouldn’t matter but doesn’t follow). Or that is assumed to imply a terrorist driven by “right wing” ideology rather than left-wing ideology…

Just stop your ears. No one knows anything yet (at least at the time I’m writing this post).

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This would be a good time to remember the ink spilled and hand-wringing over the last few months about either Narco Cartels or the Aryan Brotherhood—or an alliance of some kind between the two of them—murdering a former District Attorney and his wife, after having murdered the DA’s former assistant in January.

So, appropriately published on April Fool’s Day—though I don’t think that was intentional—Reuter’s reported, “White supremacist group suspected in killing of Texas prosecutor,”

“The white supremacist group Aryan Brotherhood may be behind the weekend killings of a Texas district attorney and his wife, which occurred months after an assistant prosecutor was shot dead in the same county, a Texas lawmaker said on Monday. ‘I believe it is a group. It could possibly be the Aryan Brotherhood,’ Texas Congressman Ted Poe, a Republican and veteran former judge and prosecutor in his state, told CNN.”

This got spun by leftist advocates as if it somehow proved something about White people in general or dispelled some alleged myth being proffered about Minorities in general. Of course, the Aryan Brotherhood doesn’t prove anything about anyone else any more than any Black criminal proves anything about anyone else. The entire meme was too stupid for words.

Texas Governor Rick Perry participated to an extent, speculating about Mexican cartels being involved. Then revealed evidence of connections or alliances between cartels and Aryan Brotherhoods (which make sense since Aryan Brotherhood is known for drug trafficking). Much of this was based on reasonable guesswork that the murder was motivated by revenge for prosecutions. Also, these killings were linked up with the murder of a prison warden in Colorado.

But all that speculation and all those imagined connections meant nothing:

“Kim Lene Williams, the 46-year-old wife of disgraced former Kaufman County Justice of the Peace Eric Williams, was arrested and charged with capital murder in the shooting deaths of prosecutor Mark Hasse and DA Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia. An affidavit released by the sheriff’s department Wednesday claims Mrs. Williams confessed that her husband was the person who pulled the trigger in all three shooting deaths.”

The perps were White, but they weren’t White supremacists or drug traffickers or anything else like that. All the speculation and associating these killings with other killings of public officials were wrong.

Experts can be wrong. Known associations from the past do not give us certainty about present mysteries.

Whether or not the Boston bombs were domestic or foreign or motivated by left-wing or right-wing politics requires investigation, evidence gathering, and proof. All the rest is just filler. Discount it.

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