Public School Principal Declares Public Schools Helping to Destroy America’s Foundation

Conservatives and Christians have been saying for years that America’s public school system has been destroying our children and thus destroying America’s foundation.  Most educators deny the charge and say they are doing their best to educate and prepare today’s youth to be tomorrow’s leaders.

However, one brave public school principal has finally seen the light and has come public with his accusations against the public school system and how it is negatively impacting the country.

Jeffery Wick, a principal in Bowling Green, Virginia has just published a new book, Public Education: The Final Solution in the Conquest of America’s Ideals, in which he urges America to get back to its greatness and Christian foundations.  In speaking about the nation, Wick said,

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“I think we’re at a state in our country where we are on that precipice, as a lot of us believe, and part of the reason we’re in this problem is what the public schools do.  It’s not necessarily what the teachers are doing, but it’s the philosophy that’s guiding the system.

“[America’s greatness] which is its Christian foundation, freedom that we were founded upon, sacrifice, hard work, rugged individualism and all those traits that our founders based our Constitution and our nation upon,”

Wick went on to say that the institutions of family, Christian faith and patriotism, must be attacked and destroyed in order for America to lose its greatness and become a socialistic nation.

“As the first two are destroyed, that creates a void, and I think the government steps in and tries to take that role. They try to become parent, the school system is encouraged to be the center of the community, to provide all of these services.”

By services, he refers to things like dinner service to low income students, health and welfare programs and even taking charge of family life and parenting.  Sadly he points out that in too many cases, parents are turning their parenting duties over to the public schools and allowing them to take the responsibility of their children.

Parents and grandparents need to be asking themselves who they want to raise their kids.  Are they actually going to do it themselves or are they going to contribute to the downfall of America but turning their responsibility over to the public schools.  The hope and fate of America may just rest in the decision parents and grandparents make.

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