Public Schools Charging Kids with Sexual Harassment for Being Kids

The public school systems across America are so screwed up that they haven’t a clue what they’re doing.  Students are being taught graphic sex education in elementary schools along with the acceptance of perverse lifestyles such as homosexuality.

But now more and more schools are charging students with sexual harassment and suspending them from school, and I’m not talking about high school students but elementary school students.

A couple of weeks ago it was reported that a 12 year old Florida elementary school girl was charged with sexual harassment after kissing a 12 year old boy she liked on school property.  In this case, the school even called in the Florida Department of Children and Families to investigate the harassment charges.

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In North Carolina, a 9 year old elementary school boy has been suspended for two days for telling his teacher that she was cute.  The school said that it constituted sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior.  The boy never touched or approached the teacher in any suggestive way, it was just his compliment.

Come on now, what school boy hasn’t had a crush on a cute teacher in his life?  And to tell someone that they are cute, regardless of what age they are is not sexual harassment.

In Boston, a seven year old schoolboy got into a fight on a school bus when another boy started choking him.  The seven year old fought back to defend himself by hitting the other boy in the groin.  Now he is being investigated for sexual harassment by the Boston public school system.

It doesn’t make sense to me when a school system passes out information to students on contraceptions and abortions and then turns around charges students with sexual harassment for being kids, for telling their teacher she’s cute, or kissing a boy you like or defending yourself by hitting your attacker in the groin.

There’s a distinct double standard occurring in the public schools and they haven’t a clue what they’re doing.  Public education has become so liberal and misguided that they say one thing and do the opposite.  It’s just another sign of how screwed up the public school system in America is.

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