Public Schools Get No Confidence Vote

For those of you who attended public school in the 1960s and early 1970s, you experienced an educational system far different from that of today.

In the 60s and early 70s, teachers still had authority to actually teach and discipline students.  If a student turned in failing material, the teacher didn’t hesitate to give little Johnny an F or even hold him back a grade.  Educators believed that educating Johnny was more important than making him feel good about himself.

If a student was disruptive, they were handily dealt with.  If they got violent, they were often expelled from school.  It wasn’t uncommon for a teacher and/or school administrator to use corporal punishment when it was necessary.

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I’ll never forget the time that I got swats from a teacher, more swats from the principal and a belt from my father, all for the same offense.  I was in second grade at the time and it made such an impression on me that it changed what I did.

In today’s schools, teachers have no authority.  They aren’t allowed to use corporal punishment or even do anything to hurt little Johnny’s self-image.  It doesn’t matter if Johnny fails, he still moves on to the next grade, regardless if he can read, write or do common arithmetic.

In many of the country’s public schools, they have become more of a training center for a very liberal social agenda.  They are being taught to think more of globalism than American patriotism and more of themselves than others around them.  I’ve seen some schools that are teaching their students that America is the villain and enemy of the rest of the world, and the list of social liberalism goes on and on.

The changing focus of the public schools is also changing the way Americans view them.  In the latest Gallup Poll, confidence in the public schools is at a 40 year low.

In 1973, 58% of Americans answered that they had ‘a great deal’ or ‘quite a lot’ of confidence in the nation’s public schools.  In the most recent poll, the number expressing a great deal or quite a lot of confidence sunk to a mere 29%.  That’s less confidence than what they have in the presidency (37%) and the medical system (41%).

When you look at the poll results over the past 40 years, you can see that as the public schools turned away from sound teaching to social training grounds, Americans lost more and more confidence in them.  As public schools replaced teaching sound moral values with decadence and promiscuity, Americans lost more and more confidence in them.  The more schools rewrote American history and replaced it with secular lies, Americans lost more and more confidence in them.

Consequently, more parents are opting to either put their kids in private schools or home school them themselves where they can not only teach them the basics, but also teach them a sense of morals and values they wouldn’t learn in public schools.  If I were a parent of school aged kids, I would do everything I could to prevent my kids from attending public school and I would strongly suggest that those of you who do have kids in public school do likewise.

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