Public Schools: More and More Like Concentration Camps

Life under Communism wasn’t fun, not at all. And going to school was not exactly a joyful experience – in fact, if anything, school was specifically designed to brainwash you into not thinking about the big issues of life. The less you thought, the more useful you were for the Communist elite. Every activity, every hour of the day was supposed to pass under the watchful eye of the Party functionaries. We were managed, like machines, or like cattle, into a collectivist utopia of uniform robots.

At least we could go to the bathroom whenever we had the need. The Party didn’t think that going to the bathroom must be managed by teachers or Party functionaries. Nor was bathroom time managed. If you have to go, you go. There were no punishments for going to the bathroom, and no prizes for keeping it in. We had heard that some institutions had done that before: the Nazi concentration camps. But we didn’t have such policy in the schools, no matter how oppressive the regime was.

But some functionaries in the New York public schools believe it is OK to control the children’s behavior concerning going to the bathroom. So there is a new policy that gives away prizes for NOT going to the bathroom, and also gives passes that limit the number of times a child can go to the bathroom. Three passes a week, which means for a total of 40 hours.

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Makes you wonder. So, the public schools have succeeded in educating the children to read and write, and pass tests, and there is no more room for improvement in that regard. So now they have some more important areas to improve: keeping it in. This is what a school is all about, after all, controlling the children’s behavior. Like animals. Like a friend of mine who is a school teacher told me, “Our main job is not teaching; it is class management.” Which, obviously, in New York, includes managing how many times kids can go to the bathroom.

Is this really necessary? Does this help kids learn more and know more? Hardly.

I homeschool my children. They can go to the bathroom anytime they want; and they do. And they don’t need eight hours a day to study – not when they were in 5th grade, at least. And yet, they were far ahead of their public school peers at that age, and today. Going to the bathroom has nothing to do with learning. It has everything to do with some educational activist’s desire for control over other people’s lives.

It’s all about a concentration camp. The sadistic desire of some socialist to inflict pain through control and manipulation.

The SAT scores have been declining sharply for several years now. The situation is especially bad in the East Coast states which traditionally used to have higher scores. But it is not the case anymore. The quality of education is deteriorating. High school graduates are practically illiterate.

And yet, teachers and administrators worry about bathroom breaks. That’s gonna solve the problems, for sure.

It is time to realize that public schools have been just another liberal experiment designed not to improve but to kill education, and replace it with a socialist mind control and behavior-modification. For too long the American public has been buying the lie of the professional teachers’ guild that without public schools they won’t have education. In fact, public schools are more and more involved in anything else but education. And more and more they look and act like concentration camps rather than like educational institutions. Time to wake up and shut them down. Parents and entrepreneurs can do a better job.

And don’t forget to repeal those school taxes as well. No need to pay for setting up a concentration camps for children. Better give the money for education.

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