If You Purchase Insurance Through An Obamacare Exchange, You Are Paying For Abortions

Most Americans have no idea that if they purchase their health insurance through an Obamacare exchange that they will be directly paying for abortions.  According to Harry Mihet, Senior Litigation Counsel at Liberty Counsel, $1 of your monthly premium goes to pay for abortions.  The Obama administration is counting on over 100 million Americans to sign up for exchange provided healthcare policies and if that ever happens, that means that over $100 million per month, or over $1.2 billion a year will be generated to pay for abortions throughout the nation.

I wasn’t aware of that either until I listened to a radio interview between WND Radio and Mihet at Liberty Counsel concerning the US Supreme Court’s refusal to hear Liberty University’s appeal of the contraception mandate.

Liberty University is the largest evangelical Christian university in the world with 12,600 on campus students and over 90,000 online students.  They make it widely known that they are a Christian university that focuses on Jesus Christ above all else.  According to their website:

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“Since 1971, the mission of Liberty University has been to develop Christ-centered men and women with the values, knowledge, and skills essential for impacting tomorrow’s world. With a unique heritage and an ever-expanding influence, Liberty remains steadfast in its commitment of Training Champions for Christ.”

It only makes sense that they would file a lawsuit to prevent them from having to comply with the contraception mandate aspect of Obamacare since it violates everything about their strong Christian faith.  Earlier this week, the US Supreme Court refused to hear their appeal, but Liberty is vowing to continue to fight.

At first it made no sense that the Supreme Court would agree to hear the appeals of Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties since they are for profit businesses and Liberty University is a non-profit Christian University.  But listening to the radio interview with Mihet, I learned that there is a big difference in the appeals which may have determined the high court’s decisions.

Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties’ appeals are only about the contraception mandate.  Liberty’s appeal encompasses the constitutionality of the insurance mandate, the tax penalty, the employer mandate, the individual mandate and the contraception mandate.  Mihet said that their challenge basically encompasses all of Obamacare and he feels that the Supreme Court only wants to hear challenges to smaller parts of Obamacare instead of the entire law.

Take a few moments to listen to the WND interview with Mihet:

Just remember that purchasing an Obamacare exchange policy means that you are directly paying for the murders of thousands of unborn children.  That alone would cause me to pay the tax penalty for not having insurance rather than paying $12 a year for someone’s abortion.

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