Putin Pushing His Might in Ukraine because He Believes Obama Weak and Powerless

In the five and half years that Obama has been in office, he has worked none stop to reduce and weaken the US military. Obama has strived to reduce our nuclear arsenal by 80%. He’s also cut the number of missiles, ships, planes, tanks and troops. He’s cut some of their educational benefits and training. The only thing Obama has increased for the military other than the number of gays serving is to extend benefits to the un-wed same-sex partners of active military personnel, but in typical discriminatory hypocrisy, benefits are not extended to the un-wed heterosexual partners of active military personnel.

While Obama has been steadily dismantling our military might, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been building his military might. In 2012, he committed $772 billion for arms buildup over a ten year period. When asked about the military buildup, Putin said it was to defend his nation from the West, which includes the United States. Putin said he plans to use the $772 billion for:

“400 new intercontinental ballistic missiles, 2,300 late-generation tanks, 600 modern combat aircraft – including at least 100 military-purpose space planes – eight nuclear ballistic missile submarines, 50 surface warships as well as a whole new inventory of artillery, air defense systems, and about 17,000 new military vehicles.”

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Now add to the mix that Putin and a growing number of world leaders consider Barack Obama to be a joke and they are laughing at America and our inability to govern ourselves, let alone be the world’s police. This is supported by a recent Pew Research poll of how other countries view the United States under Obama’s rule. Russia came in fourth with a 71% unfavorable rating of the US. Interestingly, Egypt was number one with an 85% unfavorable fan rating of the US.

I have no doubt that if push comes to shove that Putin far out guns and out powers our emasculated military, thanks to Obama. Will Obama just posture and place sanctions against Russia as if they really care? So do you think that Putin is really that concerned about how the US feels about their involvement with Ukrainian separatists and the downing of the Malaysian airline? I don’t think so!

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