In Putin’s Mind: Obama’s Red Line is Dumb

I’ve said this before, and I suspect I’ll say it many more times before the tragedy of the Obama Administration is over, but you can measure the damage the Democratic president has done to the United States by the degree to which Russian President Vladimir Putin has become the international voice of sanity, reason and moral leadership.

Putin is the primary reason Obama has not gone to war with Syria yet. He would have long ago, despite Americans’ rightful misgivings about siding with al-Qaeda, if Putin hadn’t been standing on the other side of the battlefield with arms crossed and a strong Russian military at his back.

The folks at Breitbart have posted a column that purports to be written by Putin. It’s a satire, of course. The Russian president is too busy to give Breitbart an exclusive. But the writer isn’t wrong about the real situation surrounding Syria and U.S. policy in the Mideast.

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In the article, “Putin” challenges Americans to join with Russia in fighting the Islamic radicals, saying, “How do I put this politely?   You Americans are dumb.  Today, Russia and America are fighting each other over fighting the Muslim radicals.  Instead, we should be uniting to crush these violent Islamists, once and for all.”

It’s a message our so-called leadership needs to listen to — not just Obama, but all the hawks, both established and newly minted, who are backing him up.

The RINOs have come out in force to fall behind our warmonger in chief, including the likes of Sen. John McCain, House Majority Whip Eric Cantor and House Speaker John Boehner. In a speech bursting with irony, Rep. Nancy Pelosi complained that the United Nations wasn’t moving fast enough and shouldn’t block military action against Syria.

Our so-called leaders hardly seem to be taking this Syria situation seriously. Pelosi actually cited a conversation with her 5-year-old grandchild as a reason to go to war. (The kid is smarter than his grandma, saying we shouldn’t fight in Syria.) McCain was photographed playing video poker during a hearing on Syria.

Obama himself is only turning to Congress reluctantly. As the White House has pointed out, the Man Who Would Be King doesn’t think he needs congressional approval to start a war, yet it’s obvious that he’s afraid to go into Syria without the political cover that a vote of Congress will provide.

The Washington crowd seems willfully blind to the fact that the rebels are being led by members of the Muslim Brotherhood linked to al-Qaeda and other terror groups. Even Hillary Clinton, in a 2012 interview, acknowledged that, so it’s hardly an unknown fact.

But backing up the rebels is being pushed nonetheless by the likes of McCain, whose last remaining functioning brain cells must have finally imploded. Just the other day, he took a Fox anchor to task for disparaging rebels seen on video shouting “Allah akbar” as they launched rockets at government targets. McCain actually said that “Allah akbar,” the battle cry of murdering fanatics worldwide, is the equivalent of a Christian saying “thank God.” As his rant continued, he said several times that the rebels were “moderates.”

These are the same “moderates” being led by men like Abu Sakkar, who was videotaped eating the heart of an enemy soldier to the cheers of his troops.

Despite Obama’s expressed desire for a “limited” strike, the White House is seeking, and the hawks in Congress on both sides are pushing for, a much broader authority for military action, reminiscent of the Gulf of Tonkin resolution that got the United States into the Vietnam War.

The United States has earned the world’s scorn because it is actually entertaining thoughts of war just to protect Obama’s pride after he set his “red line” over poison gas weapons.

When Obama first ran for the Oval Office, one of his campaign promises was to improve the United States’ image around the world, which he claimed had been damaged by Bush. A recent New York Times article summarized the way the real Putin and much of the rest of the world see the U.S.:

“In his view, the United States and its partners have unleashed the forces of extremism in country after country in the Middle East by forcing or advocating change in leadership — from Iraq to Libya, Egypt to Syria.”

Our president’s shenanigans have destroyed our reputation and brought chaos to the world. To follow him to war in Syria because of his wounded ego would be an unqualified disaster.



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