PWNED! Judge Judy Destroys Feminism! (Video)

Modern feminism is such a perverted, twisted version of the original motive. Feminism was originally a way to promote women’s rights and abilities to push for equality. This 3rd wave feminism is just a way for women to promote killing their unborn babies, dressing trashing, and advocating supremacy.

Daily Wire reports:

Feminism is a leftist sociological paradigm, framing women as oppressed by, and relative to, men across human history. Its proponents frame women as facing unique and more acute sociological challenges to self-actualization relative to men, asserting that anti-female “sexism” and “misogyny” are widespread social pathologies stretching from the past into the present.

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Judy Sheindlin, more famously known as Judge Judy (one of my all time favorite judges ever) has a thing or two to say to feminists….and she absolutely wrecks their narrative!

When asked if she was a feminist, she responded, “I don’t think so.” Judy said, “I don’t think in terms of sex when it comes to success.”

Judy Sheindlin rejected several feminist axioms during a Sunday-aired interview with Harvey Levin, inlcuding the framing of sociological differences between men and women as entirely socially constructed and the casting of American society as broadly misogynistic.

“I never had an issue with gender,” said Sheindlin, reflecting on her first year at the Washington College of Law in the early 1960s as the only female student.

Sheindlin also spoke of “innate” differences between men and women:

“I think that there is a difference between men and women as a warrior and a nurturer. … It’s innate.”

Judges without families in courts of family law likely lack necessary life experience to successfully fulfill their duties, added Sheindlin.

Here is a clip of her being a boss:


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