Question: Do You Shoot to Kill?

When you shoot in self defense, do you shoot to stop the attacker or do you shoot to kill? 

I shared a question on Keep and Bear that I would like to extend to you as well. When you are in a situation where you need to shoot in order to save yourself, are you shooting to kill the attacker or are you simply shooting to injure and stop the attacker?

I shared that I carry a 9mm Smith and Wesson Shield with me, everywhere I go. At night, I keep it on my night stand, and during the day I ensure that it accessible at all times. I work from home so I do not always carry on me, but I do not leave the house without it. I never know if the need for me to use it will arise.

My gun is always loaded and my chamber always houses a bullet.

I practice all the safety techniques that there are. For example, the moment I get into my car, I lock the doors before I even start the engine or buckle my seatbelt. I have seen news reports of men who wait for women to get into their car and then attack. Not only do I ensure I lock my doors, but I also make sure that I can quickly access my gun if I need to….every time. I refuse to be a victim.

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However, the problem is that criminals don’t follow the rules.

I love the fact that I, as an American, have the right to bear arms. I love going to the range for practice and I love the feel of a gun in my hand. Even if that being said, I hope I never have to use it in a real situation. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely WILL use my gun, but I hope I don’t have to.

Here’s why:

  1. I do not want to shoot and kill another human being…..although I will if it comes down to me and my family or them. Do not mistake that. I will kill you if I need to.
  2. In today’s messed up society, if the criminal lives, they often sue the homeowner for shooting them….Even though they are the criminal and the one who broke the law!

That brings me back to the big question: In a moment of self defense, do you shoot to injure/stop the attacker or shoot to kill? Sometimes, an injuring shot will stop the attacker, but sometimes you have no choice and must kill them in order to save yourself…..Here’s what I am asking: What is your initial mindset when you pull the trigger? 

A dead man cannot sue you, and in a true situation of self defense, you are in the right. However, that also means that you have taken someone’s life, despite the fact that they probably deserved it.

Perhaps yours is similar to mine: Stop them at all costs.

Which choice do you make?

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