Rabies and the 2012 Elections

After one of the mildest winters in years for most of the nation, spring is starting with a noticeable rise in two things that can be dangerous and annoying.

In the past week, I’ve seen numerous reports of incidences of rabies from New Mexico to South Dakota and from Kansas to New Jersey.  Rabies can be spread by raccoons, skunks, rats, mice, bats and other furry animals.  However, the real culprit is not necessarily the host animal, but the fleas that feast on them.

Fleas are blood sucking insects that carry diseases such as rabies and infect one animal after another.  Every time they bite through the animal’s skin and tap into the blood supply, they spread the deadly virus.  Once an animal or person is infected with rabies, it is nearly 100% fatal.  That’s why it’s so important to keep your pets vaccinated.

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As I was reading all of the different reports of the rabies outbreaks, I couldn’t help but think of how they have erupted in unison with the heated up 2012 elections.  Just as the Obama and anti-Obama commercials started popping up on our TVs, more reports of rabid animals also have suddenly surfaced.

The overly mild winter means that there will be an overabundance of fleas, ticks, ants, flies, spiders and other annoying pests this spring and summer.  Likewise, in a presidential election year, there is also an overabundance of politicians running for office with all of their TV, radio and roadside ads.

It also struck me that both involve blood sucking parasites that feed off of others.  In politics, many of the people running for various offices come across like blood sucking parasites trying to suck every penny out of your pocket.  Their commercials often become more annoying than being bitten by fleas and if you don’t protect yourself from them, the results can be almost as deadly.


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