Racial Hypocrisy is Alive and Well

I have always been an advocate of racial equality, especially since there is only one race – the human race.  The differences in skin color, hair, eyes, lips, and other physical features are nothing more than ethnic traits that came about by of geographical dispersal from the Tower of Babel.

What I don’t like is when members of any ethnic group scream and holler for racial equality when in fact what they want is preferential racial treatment.  For years I’ve seen some black leaders and advocates that go out of their way to make simple situations into racial issues when there wasn’t anything racial to begin with.

I saw a man’s life completely ruined when he stopped a shoplifter and the shoplifter died.  The man was white and the shoplifter was black.  The coroner ruled that the shoplifter’s death was due to drugs.  The shoplifter had very high levels of several drugs that caused cardiac arrest.  However, several black advocates including Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, neither of whom live in the state this happened in, rolled into town and stirred up the local black community declaring this was a racial crime.  The store manager ended up being charged with a felony crime in the death of the shoplifter.  It took two years before his case came to trial.  During that two year period, the manager lost his job, his house and his wife and kids.  He was eventually acquitted, but the damage had been done because of people like Sharpton and Jackson.

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In the same town, not long after, four black men in their early twenties beat a white man to death.  Witnesses testified that the four attackers were calling the white man all kinds of racial expletives as they hit and kicked him to death.  Yet this was never billed as a racial crime.  No one, including Sharpton or Jackson, ever came to town to advocate that this was a racial issue.

In another instance, two employees of large store were fired for stealing.  They both worked in the receiving area of the store and they were caught carrying a TV out the back door and loading it into one of their vehicles.  One of the employees was white and the other black.  The TV was loaded into the car of the black employee.  Both were fired and charged with theft.  Again, Sharpton comes marching into town and claimed the black employee was fired because he was black.  Ironically, Sharpton never said anything about the white employee that was involved in the incident.

These are not isolated accounts, as I’ve read and heard of similar incidents happening all over the country for the past forty plus years.  People like Al Sharpton have made a living by traveling all over the country keeping racial hatred alive.  He always finds or creates a spark of racial tension and then starts pouring as much gasoline on the fire as possible.  I’ve always wondered what Sharpton and others would have done for a living if they hadn’t been so involved in keeping racism alive.

And what about all of the preferential treatment blacks receive?  Black Entertainment Channel, Black History Month, Congressional Black Caucus, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, National Conference of Black Mayors, Affirmative Action, and the list goes on and on.  Aren’t these racist and promoting racism?

What would people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson (Sr & Jr) say if someone wanted to create a White Entertainment Channel, White History Month, Congressional White Caucus or a National Association for the Advancement of White People?  And what about Affirmative Action policies that actually gives preferential treatment to everyone except a white male from a middle and upper income family?  They’d be screaming and hurling racial accusations at those involved.

And these same people are trying to make a big racial issue out of an offensive word that someone painted on a rock at a hunting camp that Rick Perry and his father leased for several years.  It’s already been determined that neither Perry nor his father had anything to do with the naming of the camp or painting the name on the rock.  In fact, the Perry family denounced the name and made sure the name had been painted over.  But no, black advocates including Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr, are pointing their fingers at Perry and calling him a racist, while at the same time they are involved with racially named organizations like the NAACP and Congressional Black Caucus.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, racial hypocrisy is alive and well in America.

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