Why is Racism One Way Only?

Have you ever noticed that the only people accused of being racist are whites?  If a white person says anything against a black, Hispanic, Asian or American Indian, they are instantly labeled a racist.  Whenever a black, Hispanic, Asian or American Indian says anything against a white person, it’s perfectly acceptable.

Why does it work one way only?

Think about it.  We have Black Miss America Pageant; Black History Month; Black Entertainment Channel; NAACP; Congressional Black Caucus; American Association of Blacks in Energy; Association of Black Psychologists; National Association of Black Accountants; National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators & Developers; National Association of Black Journalists; National Black Business Council; National Black Chamber of Commerce; National Black MBA Association; National Black Burses Association; National Council of Negro Women; National Coalition of 100 Black Women; National Urban League; National Association of Black Engineers; Organization of Black Designers; United Negro College Fund and 100 Black Men of America.

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What do you think would happen if anyone suggested forming a White History Month, or White Miss America Pageant or White Entertainment Channel?  The black community would be up in arms hollering racism and all of the liberal mainstream media would be carrying the story for days.

A group of blacks can attack a white person or rape a white women and it’s just a crime.  If a white or group of whites attack a black person or rape a black woman, it’s immediately labeled as racist and a hate crime.  If white mobs were roaming the streets of America’s cities, damaging and stealing from stores, beating people up and committing other crimes, it would be on the news labeled as white euphemists and racists.  Obama would have Holder and DOJ getting involved.  Yet, for several years we’ve read too many reports of black mob violence and yet we hear nothing from the main stream media, White House or DOJ condemning the actions or taking steps to stop it.

Why is Al Sharpton allowed to berate white people on the radio and television?  He’s allowed to say anything he wants about any white person no matter how racist his comments are.  I’ve seen Sharpton create racist situations when race had nothing to do with it, only because one person was white. Worse of all, he is supposed to be an ordained Baptist minister, but his words of white hatred sure don’t sound very Christian.  I honestly believe that Sharpton purposely fuels racism as a form of job security.

I’m thinking I need to call Al Sharpton so he can come and file hate crime charges against the robins in my backyard.  I just witnessed three male robins attacking a blackbird and driving it out of their territories.  That should be enough grounds for him to take action, don’t you think?

Sharpton can say whatever he wants and people like Clippers owner Donald Sterling is crucified in the media, by President Obama and even his players for telling his girlfriend that she can sleep with her minority friends and do whatever she wants with them, just don’t bring them to his games.  I understood him as saying that he didn’t want her flaunting her infidelity in public at Clippers games.

In many parts of America, May 5, Cinco de Mayo, gets more attention and celebration than the 4th of July.  Why are we even celebrating Mexican independence here in America, let alone giving it more attention than our own independence?

Just like with blacks, people that speak out against Hispanics, especially illegal Hispanics, are now being labeled as racists.  When white students complained about the Mexican flag being flown over the US flag, they were called racists.

I refuse to use politically correct terms such as African American, Native American and undocumented immigrants and I’ve been called racist for doing so.  First of all, there are many white people from Africa that are offended by the term African American referring to blacks, but no one cares if they are offended because they are white.  As for Native Americans, I was born here in the US so that makes me a Native American, doesn’t it?  Illegal aliens are not just undocumented immigrants, they are ILLEGAL aliens and if they are offended by the term then they need to go back to their own country.  That makes me a law abiding and patriotic American, not a racist.

I’m sick and tired of seeing racism being a one way street.  If minorities expect to be treated as equals then they need to live under equal standards.  If it’s wrong to say anything about a black, Hispanic, Asian or American Indian, then it should be wrong to say the same things against whites.  It’s their double standards that continue to promote racist attitudes on both sides.  All they do is continue to pour fuel on the fires of racism rather than trying to put the fires out.  If they want equality, they need to live it!

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