“Racist” At Zimmerman Rally Actually A Trayvon Supporter

Sometimes, things are not as they seem. Yes, even when you see them on TV or news media. In fact, especially in news media. Like finding out that many pro-abortion protesters in Texas were actually paid to protest by Planned Parenthood. Or finding out that a “racist” pro-Zimmerman demonstrator was actually a Trayvon supporter trying to make Zimmerman supporters out to be a bunch of racist whiteys.

Ever since the Zimmerman verdict, people who pretend as if they were right there with Trayvon as he was shot; who think they witnessed the whole thing; who think that Zimmerman got away with murder; and who think that the half-Hispanic shooter was a white racist, have been protesting the verdict around the country. Celebrities like Jay Z and Beyonce joined in the fun along with media personalities like “The Reverend” Al Sharpton.

There were also counter protests. From the UK’s Daily Mail:

 “Dueling groups of protesters converged on a wealthy Houston neighborhood on Sunday in reaction to last weekend’s not-guilty verdict for George Zimmerman in the death of teen Trayvon Martin. Around 80 people gathered on a street in Houston’s River Oaks area, some carrying American flags and shouting support for stand-your-ground self-defense laws. Members of this group held signs that read: ‘We’re racist and proud,’ ‘Remove the Black Panthers from the U.S.A.’ and ‘If Zimmerman is a “White Hispanic” then President Obama is a “White Black.”‘

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The Daily Mail then showed a close-up picture of the woman who held the sign that read “We’re racist and proud.” To the Daily Mail, I’m sure it seemed obvious that she was just another Zimmerman supporter who was simply being honest.

But as it turned out, this activist Renee Vaughan was actually a liberal involved with a few leftist organizations like the Texas Campaign for the Environment. She’s even a community organizer.

Breitbart actually did a little digging and interviewed this woman at the Houston rally and found that she wasn’t pretending to be a Zimmerman supporter. She was standing with the Trayvon people, and she told the Breitbart reporter that her poster was sarcastic and was meant to point out that there are racists who support Zimmerman. So, she wasn’t really a liberal “plant” after all as the Gateway Pundit has postulated. Fair enough. So, this one’s all on the media.

And because places like the Daily Mail reported that this woman was an actual racist who supported Zimmerman, liberals used it as “evidence” of their claim that Zimmerman’s side are all a bunch of racists. A Democratic strategist used this story to “prove” Sean Hannity wrong on his Fox News show:

“Well, Sean, do some people show up at protests with their own agenda? Absolutely. That happens all the time. There was a pro-Zimmerman rally in Texas where a woman showed up with a sign that said “Racist and Proud.” And that was in the newspaper today. So certainly there are people who show up who behave badly at protests, and that’s not something you can really control for.”\

These liberals need to learn to question their own media. Sometimes, things are not as they seem.

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