Racist Lesbian College Diversity Officer Arrested For Calling for Murder of All White Men

Back in May, 27 year old Bahar Mustafa made world headline news. She is a working class Turkish Cypriot immigrant to the United Kingdom who also happens to be a lesbian Muslim and supposedly disabled. Somehow she managed to get herself elected as the Student Union Welfare and Diversity Officer at Goldsmiths University in North London.

Her headline news in May happened when she organized events for women of minority and non-binary people. She posted on Facebook:

“Invite loads of BME Women and non-binary people!! Also, if you’ve been invited and you’re a man and/or white PLEASE DON’T COME just cos I invited a bunch of people and hope you will be responsible enough to respect this is a BME Women and non-binary event only.”

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The media accused Mustafa of being racists and sexist. Even the University issued a statement condemning Mustafa’s comments. That really riled the confused girl’s brain and in a statement read to fellow students, Mustafa proclaimed:

“There have been charges laid against me that I am racist and sexist towards white men.”

“I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men, because racism and sexism describe structures of privilege based on race and gender.”

“Therefore, women of colour and minority genders cannot be racist or sexist, since we do not stand to benefit from such a system.”

That’s basically the same attitude I see here in the US among black activists like Al Sharpton. They don’t believe that blacks could possibly be guilty of being racists when in fact they are among the most racist people of all. The same holds true for gay activists as well.

Mustafa’s tirades against men and whites have once again brought her attention, but this time the attention is from British law enforcement after she tweeted #killallwhitemen tweets calling for the murder of all white men. She has been charged with sending menacing or offensive messages via a public network for each kill all white men tweet she sent out. She is scheduled to appear before Bromley Magistrate’s Court on November 5 and I hope they throw the book at her.

If you really want to understand how confused this girl is, just look at what she is studying at the university. Her focus is studying the ‘gendered body in Japanese pornographic anime and horror through a Foucauldian framework in order to analyse the West’s gaze upon a world it attempts to categorize.’ Seems Mustafa needs to be committed to a mental institution for in depth study into the scrambled mind of a very warped individual. She also claims to have ‘ZERO TOLERANCE on homophobia, queer-phobia, trans*phobia, racism, Islamaphobia, misogyny, ableism, cis-sexism, and classist behaviour.’

However, her attitude is typical of most activists regardless of their cause. They claim to want equality and tolerance from everyone else, but they are so blinded by their own cause they fail to realize just how intolerant they are of everyone who does not share their views. This applies to black, Hispanics and gay activists everywhere. And sadly in many cases, like that of Mustafa, what they really want is preferential and special treatment above the rights of everyone else. Just listen to black activists like Al Sharpton and you’ll hear the same zero tolerance for anyone else that doesn’t share their views. Just listen to gay activists like Rachel Maddow and you’ll hear the same zero tolerance for anyone else that doesn’t share their views. Just listen to Hispanic activists like Anthony Romero and you’ll hear the same zero tolerance for anyone else that doesn’t share their views.

It’s a central theme to so many activists who want their way or no way. Some, like Bahar Mustafa go to the farthest extremes as their racist and bigoted hate clouds their minds and fills their hearts with nothing but bitterness.

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