Racist for White Cop to Shoot Black Attacking Him but Not Racist for 3 Blacks to Murder White Woman in Her Home

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen black activists scream racism anytime a white person does something to a black person but turn their heads when a black targets a white person.  Case in point was Trayvon Martin.  Black activists ignored the facts that Trayvon was a troubled and angry kid with a violent nature and painted him as a peaceful mild mannered innocent kid that was murdered because he was black.  They already had George Zimmerman guilty before his trial ever started and they would not accept any other verdict, regardless of the evidence.

Now the same black activists are trying to turn the case of Charlotte Police Officer Randall Kerrick into another George Zimmerman – Trayvon Martin case.  They are once again ignoring the evidence, this time caught on video of Officer Kerrick shooting and killing Jonathan Ferrell.

Why?  Because Ferrell is black and Kerrick is white!

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Kerrick and other police officers responded to a burglary call.  They spotted Ferrell and ordered him to stop, but he refused.  The officer’s dashcam video showed that tasers did not affect Ferrell when he began to attack the officers.  Kerrick fired his weapon in self-defense, mortally wounding Ferrell, the former Florida A&M football player.

Black activists pressured authorities to file charges against Kerrick for the death of Ferrell.  Bowing to the racial pressures of the local NAACP and other black activist groups, authorities went to a grand jury seeking voluntary manslaughter charges against Kerrick which carries a sentence of up to 11 years in prison.

When the evidence, including the dashcam video was presented to the grand jury, they ruled that there was no evidence to support the charge of voluntary manslaughter.  You would expect Kerrick to be relieved and happy, but if he was, it was short lived.  Black activists were not done and have been continuing to pressure authorities to charge Kerrick with a crime.

Kojo Nantambu, President of the Charlotte NAACP, stated:

“Something is wrong with the system that we live in … something is wrong in this country.”

John Barnett, Founder of True Healing Under God (THUG) claims that Ferrell would still be alive if he was white, saying:

“I’m trying to figure out: What does 14 jurors and one attorney general don’t see that people in Africa see?  That all of us see. What do they not see?”

My question to Barnett is why can’t he see what really happened on the video instead of looking at it in purely black and white tunnel vision?

Once again, authorities are bowing to the pressures of the black activists and say they plan on bringing the case before a new grand jury this week in hopes that they will bring charges against Kerrick.

Now consider the case of 68 year old Nancy Hershman of Milan, Indiana.  She was home alone when three blacks, a 22 year old female and two teenage males, broke into her home to rob her.  I noticed that in all of the news accounts of this incident, none of them identify the three suspects as being black, but the photos do reveal that fact.

During the ordeal, Hershman was shot and killed.  Police have arrested the three suspects and the teens are being tried as adults for the murder.  But where is the NAACP, THUG or any other so called civil rights group calling for this to be a racial crime.  Three blacks attacked and murdered a lone white woman.  Is that racial?  Shouldn’t Barnett be there saying that if Hershman was black she’d still be alive?  I bet if it were three whites that broke into the home of a 68 year old black woman and shot her that Barnett, Nantambu and other black activists would be in Indiana hollering race.

A police officer defends himself against a man who refuses to obey the police; tasers won’t stop and is violently attacking the officer.  Every time a white officer confronts a black suspect, there will be that hesitation to react properly to the situation because the officer will be wondering if he/she will be going to jail also.  That hesitation will cost those officers their lives.

If Kerrick is charged and convicted, every white law enforcement officer will be in a damned if you and damned if you don’t situation every time they confront a black suspect.  If Kerrick is charged and found guilty, then every police office in America needs to hang up their badge, turn in their guns and let the nation self-destruct into a massive racial war.

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