Raddatz Displayed Her Partisan Politics In Failure To Control VP Debate

There was question raised prior to Thursday night’s vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.  The moderator, Martha Raddatz from ABC News has a history with Barack Obama that caused many to question her ability to serve as a neutral moderator of the debate.

In 1991, Raddatz married Julius Genachowski, who just so happened to be a college chum of Barack Obama at Harvard Law School.  Both Obama and Genachowski were members of the Harvard Law Review together, so it was no surprise that then newly graduated Harvard Law student Barak Obama should attend the wedding of his classmate.  For whatever reason, the marriage didn’t last and the couple divorced in 1997.

In 2009, newly sworn in President of the United States tapped his friendship with Genachowski by appointing him to be the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.  Genachowski still sits as the chairman of the FCC and has worked closely with Obama in his efforts to wrangle control of all forms of communication.

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So is it any wonder that a senior correspondent for one of the liberal networks who has long ties with Barack Obama, fails to reign in an out of control Democratic vice president in a nationally televised debate?

Sarah Palin told Fox News Sean Hannity that Radditz allowed Biden to run rough shod over Ryan like a muskox on the tundra:

In discussing Radditz’s lack of control over the debate, Hannity told Palin that:

“Every time she seemed to interrupt was, well, to bail out Joe Biden and shut down Paul Ryan. But I don’t think it impacted the debate.”

Palin went continued to comment about Biden’s debate style by saying:

“Let me remind you one thing though: the truth that’s told with bad intent beats all lies one can invent.  And when Joe Biden told some truths about, say, death panels, but he told it out of context and with an intention to skew what the true meaning and the truth behind the policy issues are, that’s as bad as actually telling a lie. So just keep that in mind when you talk about style, when you talk about the verbage that Joe Biden chose to use tonight.”

But you have to realize that Biden has been this way for years.  He has always been a crass, condescending arrogant jerk since his earlier days in Congress.  Just watch this video from a 1987 encounter with Joe Biden as his arrogance and self-worship come spewing out of his uncontrolled mouth:

An evidently, Martha Radditz, in a typical Democratic liberal fashion, condoned and allowed Biden to demonstrate his irreverent disregard for anyone who is more intelligent and better mannered than he is.  I actually have to commend Paul Ryan for how professional and retrained he was.  Had I been in Ryan’s shoes, I would have taken off one of my socks and stuffed it in Biden’s mouth.  Come to think of it, it would probably have taken both socks to silence that yawning trap.

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