Radical Islamic Material Being Sold 20 Minutes From White House

If you want to find one of the largest collections of radical Islamic material, some of which are by individuals that advocate the destruction of the United States and killing of innocent civilians, you only have to travel eight miles away from the White House.

Halalco Supermarket, located in Falls Church, Virginia, has the largest collection of Islamic material in the Washington DC area.  Among the items to be found in this store is a plethora of material produced by the Muslim Brotherhood, the same radical group that is well on its way to taking political control of Egypt.  The Muslim Brotherhood advocates strict Muslim rule under Sharia law which includes the tortuous treatment of women.

They even carry a book titled A Gift For the Muslim Couple by Ashraf Ali Thanvi, a high ranking Islamic scholar from India, that gives husbands instructions on how to best control their wives and how to properly beat them when they do wrong.  Among the instructions in the book are how to threaten the wife, withhold money from her, pull her by the ears, restrain her by force if necessary and to beat her with the hand or a stick.

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Not long ago, the store featured display of DVDs and CDs of Anwar al-Awaki, a known al Qaeda leader and terrorist who promoted death to all Americans.  Shortly after one reporter questioned the display of materials from one of the most sought after terrorist of the time, the display was removed.

If a Christian bookstore was to sell books, DVDs or CDs that abdicated the overthrow of the American government, killing of US citizens or the inhumane treatment of women, the government and media would be all over them and probably end up shutting them down.  But since it is a Muslim bookstore located so close to what appears to America’s top Muslim in the White House (who just so happened to be at a fund raiser yesterday in Dearborn, Michigan, the largest enclave of Muslims in the country), nothing will be done and they will be allowed to sell their hate filled and terrorist laden materials without any questions.

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