Radical New Congress: One Raises Transgender Flag Another Rejects the Bible

Three newly sworn-in Democrat members of Congress shows us just how radical this Congress is as one rejected the Bible, one immediately raised the transgender flag, and a third called the president a “motherfucker.”

On the same day that all new Representatives and Senators were sworn into office, we got to see just how radical this obscene congressional session is going to be.

In the first case, on swearing-in day, Virginia Rep. Jennifer Weston rushed back to her new office to raise the transgender flag in front of her office. Literally. She raised the blue, pink and white transgender flag to celebrate the mental illness that is transgenderism.

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I’ll bet you didn’t even KNOW there was a transgender flag!

Then there was Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema who refused to place her hand on the Bible to be sworn into the U.S. Senate.

Instead of the Bible, Sinema placed her right hand on a book containing the U.S. Constitution and the Arizona state constitution that her staff found in the Library of Congress.

Sinema is the lone member of the U.S. Senate who does not identify as a member of a religion and she is the first openly bi-sexual of Congress.

As Breitbart reported, Sinema’s office insisted that she did this because she caaaaares about the Constitution.

I know, you’re laughing at the idea that any Democrat loves the Constitution. But, Breitbart noted that Sinema has already shown how little she cares about the law of the land:

Despite her current claim to love the U.S. Constitution, in her work with left-wing groups in the early 2000s, Sinema was far less solicitous of the law of the land. In fact, she was quoted in 2002 as saying she thought it was acceptable that anarchists and Antifa types perpetrated violence, carried weapons, and destroyed property in pursuit of the extremist goals.

“When AAPJ attended May Day (sponsored by the Phoenix Anarchist Coalition), we knew that their guidelines differ from ours,” the Washington Examiner wrote of an email Sinema sent in 2002. “They are okay with weapons and property destruction in some instances, and so those of us who chose to attend the event knew that it would be inappropriate to ask someone to not destroy property or to carry a weapon.”

And in third place for biggest jerks being sworn into Congress is the left-wing member of the Hamas Caucus, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D, MI) who was sworn in and then that same day ran to New York to attend an event to say she intends to impeach Trump and then in public called him a “motherfucker.”

All this isn’t even to mention that Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) immediately introduced his idiotic bill to impeach President Trump.

Yep. It’s going to be a dark and hate-filled 2019 on Capitol Hill, folks.

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