Ranchers Blamed for Illegals Dying on Their Land

Thousands of illegals set upon a perilous journey when they decide to illegally cross into the United States. Many set off on foot and hike over a hundred miles through deserts that will kill you if not prepared. Others are dropped off in the desert by their human traffickers before reaching check points.

In the summer, temperatures can reach well over 100 degrees, draining anyone of energy and water. Unless they are protected from the intense sun and carrying several gallons of water, the desert will consume them, yet they peruse their illegal journey anyway.

So who is to blame when an illegal that is not properly prepared to survive for days in the desert and ends up dying?

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In Brooks County, Texas, located about 70 miles north of the Mexican border, 41 illegals have been found dead in the harsh desert. A number of human rights groups are trying to place some of the blame on the ranch owners. They claim that ranchers do not allow enough access to their lands to groups that want to search for distressed and missing illegals. Among the missing is a woman from Honduras.

Susan Kibbe, Director of the Texas Property Rights Association, said that in the case of the missing woman from Honduras, both Border Patrol and law enforcement had access to the land where she is missing, however the ranch owner has not given permission to anyone else. She also told the local media:

“We just think the landowner shouldn’t take the blame on this.”

“Somehow the U.S. is blamed for their deaths, or ranchers are blamed on their deaths, or others are blamed for their deaths. When they know when they come into this country illegally, they’re taking this chance.”

I can tell you first hand that many ranch owners don’t want people on their land because they trash it up and often leave gates open which allow livestock to get lose. In my experience, many do-gooder groups are among the worst at disrespecting the property of anyone they disagree with, especially ranch owners.

If someone goes hiking in a national park or wilderness area and dies from the elements, you don’t hear anyone blaming the federal government, do you? Some people decide to scale a tall mountain in the US and ends up dying, you don’t see anyone blaming the government, do you? So why should anyone blame a ranch owner when someone decides to illegally cross their ranch and ends up dying as a result of their own actions?

People who cross our borders illegally are the only ones responsible for their own welfare. If they succumb to the elements trying to cross many miles of harsh desert, then the fault is solely theirs and those who helped them get there.

Of course if the extremely effective border fence being used in the Yuma, Arizona area was extended over the entire length of Mexican border and we have our military help guard the border, then there probably wouldn’t be nearly as many illegals dying in America’s deserts.

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