Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton’s “Terrible Judgment” Put Lives at Risk!

On Monday evening Senator and GOP Presidential contender Rand Paul (R-KY) made an appearance on Fox News’s the O’Reilly Factor where he went off on Hillary Clinton for her secrecy, corruption and terrible judgment!

“I think this goes to her wisdom as Secretary of State but also as potential Commander in Chief. If she’s not wise enough to use a government server for security purposes, what kind of decision-making would she make as President? 

It also reminds me of the decision-making, or lack of decision-making with regard to Benghazi. She had repeated requests for security, all of them denied.

So really, I think this shows terrible judgment. Now it’s being investigated by the FBI, it’s being investigated by the Department of Justice. She put a lot of people at risk, she put herself at risk by maybe having her schedule out there on an unsecured email server but also put the lives at risk of the people who have been commissioned to protect her.

I think this really goes to the heart of the matter of whether or not she’ll be a good commander-in-chief, whether or not we want to give her that responsibility.

It also goes to a certain bit of lawlessness in the sense that she knew the law. She chastised one of her ambassadors for not using the proper email server and now she says, ‘Oh trust me… you can trust me to turn over the emails, even though you couldn’t trust me in the first place.’”

Then Senator Paul took on the possibility of corruption in the Clinton Family Foundation and from Hillary Clinton herself. After Eric Bolling brought up the fact that Donald Trump “bought” access to Clinton through donations, Senator Paul reasoned that there may have been a crime committed.

“This is really disturbing to a lot of us about Hillary Clinton. Not only did she sell access, but she was in charge of approving very important things to our national security like whether a uranium could be sold to the Russians. She approved this while her husband was giving speeches to the bank that was approving the deal. Not only is this a conflict of interest. This really should be investigated as to really whether or not she broke laws and whether or not Bill Clinton broke laws in accepting money, we’re talking about millions of dollars…”

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