Rand Paul Unmasks the “Unholy Alliance Between Right and Left” to Increase Spending

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) may not be doing so well in the latest presidential polls, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten the way to a fiscal conservative’s heart. In a recent interview on Fox News, Senator Paul was trumpeting his recent opposition to increasing defense and war funding when he drew a line between various funding increases and the alliance between the establishment of both parties as they continue to push federal funding ever higher.

I just had a vote today where I was the lone Republican to vote against the defense spending and this extra war funding on top of that. 

The problem with our deficit is, if you are truly a conservative, you have to look at both the military and domestic welfare. Instead we have the opposite.

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An unholy alliance between right and left up here. The right wants more military spending. The left wants more domestic. What happens? They come together and spend more on everything, that is why we are in $18 tillion in debt.

That is why I am the only conservative runnning on either side, because I am the only one willing to cut both…

You have to be able to cut accross the board. That’s what the sequester was. Some of it was cutting the rate fo growth, but it actually was something, and we abandoned most of that last year, and now many in the leadership are saying we are going to bust the budget caps.

The last remaining vestiage of control is going to be busted, but not becuase of Democrats, but because of an unholy alliance between the right and the left who are so avaricious for more spending that they can’t get enough.

Senator Paul’s stand against increasing defense funding won’t win him new supporters in the GOP, but there is a greater (and more important) point to be made here. Any and All funding increases are a bad idea right now. I support a strong defense (which requires funding), but we are already spending record numbers. The problem simply grows worse every day. Our nation needs politicians who are ready to CUT spending not increase it.

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