Rand Paul vs Donald Trump Heats Up

Apparently our current crop of GOP candidates have never heard former President Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment of politics…

Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican. It’s a rule I followed during that campaign and have ever since.

Certainly, Mr. Trump has never heard the rule but now with the other candidates turning their fire towards Trump – it seems they’re ignoring it too. The latest example is the in-fighting happening between Senator Rand Paul and Donald Trump. It began during the first GOP debate last week and it has continued this week.

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Trump launched an attack against Rand Paul where he called him a better doctor than a Senator and finished by implying that Paul might be corrupt! It was not pretty…

As a businessman, I did what other businessmen did, and I contributed to everybody. Everybody liked me. Everybody took my call and I got what I wanted. If I go back in two years, three years, or four years, they remember that. So, that’s important. As far as other elements are concerned of, you know, what you’re saying, it’s all old stuff, it’s all old hat, and I think that’s been well vetted. 

You know, you look at a guy like Rand Paul — he is failing in the polls. He’s weak on the military, he’s pathetic on military. I mean here’s a guy — calls me a year ago, ‘Oh, let’s play golf, can we go and play golf?’ I ended up playing golf with him — probably seven or eight months ago — I ended up playing golf with him. He couldn’t have been nicer, he was very nice, he wanted my support, he wanted to know if I would contribute to his doctor situation, which is very good, where he helps children with the eyes. I actually think he’s a far better doctor than he is a Senator, and, you know, it’s — I mean, it’s fine, they’re trying to do a little bit of a number.

The last two people that did it were Lindsey Graham. He came at me really hard and he’s right now at zero, and Rick Perry was at 4%, and he came at me really hard, and he went down to 2, which was actually a great honor. And look, Rand’s campaign is failing.

Rand Paul responded by dropping this searing ad that reminds everyone that Trump was recently a far-left liberal who self-identified more with Democrats than Republicans.

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