Rand Paul Wants to Free All the Terrorists?

Breitbart carried an article entitled, “Rand Paul Threatens Filibuster of Defense Bill to Release Potential Terrorists,” regarding the Senator’s amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This headline and article highlight what’s wrong with the establishment GOP. They believe in the popular fallacy that everything our military and defense departments do is in Americans’ best interests. Any suggestion to take a step away from invasive measures imposed on ordinary American citizens that continually chisel away at our liberties is akin to “letting the terrorists win” and “siding with Al-Qaida.” Ironic, isn’t it, that our government actually does those very things overseas. We literally “let the terrorists win” and “side with Al-Qaida” when it helps to accomplish our goals.

Senator Rand Paul’s amendment to the NDAA was a benign but symbolic attempt to remind people of the Sixth Amendment. In fact, Paul’s amendment was essentially a reiteration of the Sixth Amendment, which mainly has to do with those accused having the right to a speedy and public trial before a jury, something that the NDAA renders null and void.

As The New American asserted in a recent article, Senator Paul’s amendment doesn’t go nearly far enough. Nowhere in his amendment or in his speeches does he call for the repeal of the NDAA, which authorizes the President to deploy troops and detain American citizens indefinitely in military prisons until the end of the war on terror, which, if politicians get their way, will never end. These people can be detained on a mere “hunch” without charges, evidence, trial or jury, courtesy of another GOP favorite, the Patriot Act. Frankly, we don’t need a mere reference to the 6th Amendment. We need a full repeal of the NDAA (and the Patriot Act).

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The Breitbart article referenced above claims that Senator Paul’s amendment that merely quotes the Sixth Amendment will not only keep Paul out of the White House if he were to run in 2016 but also offers evidence that he wants to free the terrorists:

 But in order for Paul to win, he’ll have to disassociate from the positions of his father, a multiple-time failed presidential candidate. If he hopes to do that, he’ll have to do better than he’s doing now with regard to the latest Defense authorization bill. He’s threatening to filibuster Defense funding unless he gets a vote on an amendment that would curtail indefinite detention of potential terrorists.

 Oh, please. By wanting to insert one of our very own Bill of Rights into the NDAA, Rand Paul wants to free the terrorists!? This Breitbart contributor seems to think that anybody that the White House deems a terrorist deserves to be indefinitely detained without charges, evidence, etc. Do we need any reminders as to who the government thinks are “potential terrorists?” Pretty much anybody who is vocally opposed to the government’s policies and goals is at risk of being labeled a “domestic terrorist” and treated as such.

And the suggestion that only a Republican who upholds such treasonous, immoral and unconstitutional acts like the NDAA will be able to win the presidency in the next election is completely ludicrous. We don’t need another establishment GOP politician running for president. Maybe next time, we shouldn’t let the GOP dictate whom we should and should not like.

Someone on Godfather Politics quoted a Who song that goes, “Meet the new boss; same as the old boss.” That lyric sums up the changes we see every four years in the White House regardless of party affiliation, precisely because Republicans have gotten in the habit of letting the GOP establishment give them their opinions. Here’s another Who lyric (from the same song) that I hope we’ll all heed next time:  “Don’t get fooled again!”

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