Rapists and Child Molesters Freed in US Instead of Deported With No Follow Up

Within the Department of Homeland Security (or Insecurity) is ICE – Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Among their many jobs is the arrest and deportation of illegal aliens. Under the tyranny of our ruthless dictator Barack Obama, Ice agents have been ordered to stop most deportations and allow illegals to go free in the US so they can cast illegal votes in future elections.

Under Obama’s illegal delayed deportation programs, any illegal convicted of a felony is still to be deported back to his/her own country. However, his corrupt administration is not even carrying out that aspect of his own orders.

Last year it was reported that ICE released 36,007 illegal aliens that had a total of 87,818 criminal convictions, including: were 15,635 cases of drunken driving, 9,187 drug infractions, 426 sexual assaults, 303 kidnappings, 193 homicides, 1,317 domestic violence convictions and 1,075 aggravated assaults.

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Now we are learning that after the release of illegals, convicted of felonies, that the government is not doing anything to follow up on them as they are required to do. Instead of being deported as the law requires, ICE is just turning them out into the streets of America and into your neighborhoods. Illegals convicted of crimes like rape, sexual assault and child molestation are told they must register with local authorities as sex offenders.

But the majority of them are not registering themselves as sex offenders with local authorities and ICE is not doing anything to insure this happens. Failure to register is another crime and can result in additional imprisonment, but the federal government doesn’t seem to care.

Judicial Watch reported on this saying:

“Thousands of illegal immigrants convicted of serious crimes—including rape, child molestation and kidnapping—have been released in the United States by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the agency doesn’t bother keeping track of the alien convicts.”

“The DHS agency responsible for removing dangerous illegal aliens, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), simply releases sex offenders when they complete their criminal sentence and fails to monitor or force them to register with local authorities in the communities where they resettle. The incredulous story of this outrageous system comes via an investigative series published this week in a Boston newspaper that sued the government for the records. It includes a database of criminals that one former federal prosecutor calls ‘chilling.’ The offenders are ‘dangerous and predatory individuals who should not be prowling the streets,’ the prosecutor says in the article. ‘In fact, they should not be in the United States at all.’”

“But our famously inept Homeland Security officials simply let these monsters loose in unsuspecting communities, even though one law enforcement agency cited in the series calls the illegal immigrant cons ‘the worst of the worst.’ At the very least, ICE is supposed to assure that the thugs register with local authorities as sex offenders, but the agency doesn’t even bother to do that. Instead, once ICE frees the offenders, agency officials often lose track of them despite outstanding deportation orders. It’s like negligence on steroids.” [Emphasis mine]

“One disturbing case mentioned in the article focuses on a Cuban national named Santos Hernandez Carrera, who raped a woman at knifepoint and spent roughly half his life in jail. He was supposed to stay in custody until he could be deported, but instead the feds released him and lied about it. The public sex offender registry said Carrera had been deported though he never was, according to the news story. The reporters working on the series actually tracked the illegal immigrant rapist down in Florida. Local authorities assert that ICE never informed them that they had released sex offenders in their jurisdiction even though, by law, the convicts must register as sex offenders with local police…”

“In all, the newspaper identified 424 released illegal immigrants convicted of sex-related crimes in the records obtained under the lawsuit. Around half appeared in the national public sex offender registry as required by law. Of the registered sex offenders, 53 failed to re-register after ICE released them and the agency didn’t bother to follow up.”

When confronted with the information, ICE officials use the excuse that they are not able to deport the convicted felons because the countries of origin refuse to take them back. I don’t know about you, but I have a serious problem with that excuse. The convicts came here illegally and it shouldn’t matter if their country doesn’t want them back or not, the illegals should still be deported. They certainly don’t belong here and they don’t belong on our streets and in our neighborhoods.

Whenever a country claims to refuse to accept their people back, perhaps we should take them to the country’s embassy here and tell them that they are now responsible for the person(s) and they are not allowed back out of the embassy except for being transported back to their own country. Then we should place a military guard outside the foreign embassies to insure they are not released back into the US. I wonder how many of their convicted felons they will keep under their roof at the embassy before returning them to their homeland?

The bottom line is that our government, under the direction of Barack Obama is failing to enforce the laws and failing to protect the American people. In fact, one could make the argument that by failing to enforce the laws and releasing illegals convicted of felonies back out on our streets is an act of aiding and abetting an enemy which the US Constitution defines as treason. I wonder what DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson would say if he were charged with treason by his failure enforce our immigration laws?

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