Rats Abandoning a Sinking Ship

In the old days, many ships were infested with rats. They would often board the ships via the mooring lines and hide in the cargo holds, feeding on the grain and other food items. Whenever a rat infested ship would start to sink and water would begin to fill the decks below, the rats would immediately do whatever they could to find a way off the ship.

It appears that after three years of rough seas, the Obama ship appears to be starting to sink and like the rats at sea, many former Obama supporters are starting to abandon the Obama boat.

Many Independents have been indicating they no longer support the President. The Black Caucus is having its doubts about the President and now prominent Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman is not so sure if he wants to support Obama or not. A number of other black Democrats have expressed their extreme displeasure with the White House and are re-thinking their support in the up coming election.

One can only hope and pray that the water continues to fill the decks of the Obama boat forcing more and more of those that put their faith in him 3 years ago to lose that faith and turn elsewhere for the future of the nation.

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