Read Unbelievable Comments that Mizzou Protesters Said About Paris Terror Attacks

Just to show you how delusional some of the college students at the University of Missouri are, take a look at some of the Tweets they sent out and later deleted.

How in the world can young people who at this point in time are safe and sound on a college campus compare to anything that’s going on in Paris? It can’t, but they actually believe that their encounters with “hurtful speech” and not having their “safe spaces” should take precedence over the violent acts of Islamic terrorists.

The following is from “Soopermexican” at TheRightScoop:


I just can’t believe these people. They’re absolutely abjectly amoral.

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UPDATE: So this post has gone viral, and everyone deleted their tweets. I’ve added all the screenshots that I have. Enjoy!!

Surprisingly, the user @Ilovethisnigga seems to have some shame because she deleted this:


“@SleazeMontana”  deleted his tweet:

sleazemontana tweet

Here’s @MasturBad’s tweet:

masturbad mizzou deleted

UPDATE: Oh darn, it looks like @jkleimz deleted his heinous tweet too. Oh wait.. wait.. I think.. yup here’s a screenshot!!
Jordan JKleimz deleted tweet


mizzou deleted tweets

UPDATE: A follower sent me a screenshot of this sparkling moron:

DJ Misses deleted missou tweet

I am just speechless. These are monstrously stupid and amoral people. Unbelievable.

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