Reading ‘The Jewish Press’ Causes TSA to Detain 72 Yr. Old in Wheelchair

Has America become so afraid of offending Muslims that they turn their attention to other ethnic or religious groups like Jews?

Phyllis Chesler is a 72 year old Jewish author and academic who uses a wheelchair.  She is a professor emerita of psychology and women’s studies at City University of New York.  She is also involved in the feminist movement, is an ardent Zionist and writes for The Jewish Press.

On February 5, she was flying from New York to Florida via JFK International Airport.  Most flights out of JFK had been canceled that day due to winter storms, but her flight was only delayed, not cancelled.  As she was waiting, she pulled out her copy of The Jewish Press to read.  A TSA agent noticed the paper, approached her and asked to see it.  He examined the front of the paper then took it over to show another TSA agent.  After a short discussion between the agents, they asked to search her luggage.

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Speaking to Aaron Klein at WABC Radio, Chesler described what happened:

“I [was] traveling with a wheelchair.  I knew we would have a long wait at the airport, so I took my reading, and that included The Jewish Press, and I write for The Jewish Press as well. … The first security guard looked at the title, the headline, turned it over, opened it, pulled over with a smile and a smirk – I was told [by my wheelchair attendant] – a second security guard.”

“Meanwhile, I notice a woman in niqab [a dark cloth, often used by Muslim women, which hides all the wearer’s face but the eyes] just sail on through without being asked to show her face to identify herself vis-à-vis her documents.”

“Now, I understand that we don’t want to be a country that racially profiles, but on the other hand, if we’re really looking to protect this country from terrorism, I think a [72-year-old] Jewish woman/scholar needing a wheelchair is not the best target of suspicion.  So the question is not about me or about The Jewish Press but rather what security measures are being taken and how backward is everyone willing to bend to avoid having Muslim civil rights groups, a.k.a. Muslim Brotherhood groups, charge ‘racism’ or ‘Islamophobia’?”

Here is the audio of her radio interview with Aaron Klein:

Lori Lowenthal Marcus of The Jewish Press reported the incident and in her conclusion wrote:

“The issue is that merely the word Jewish on a newspaper was sufficient to draw the agents’ attention and suspicion, while someone whose identity was impossible to discern, who could be hiding who knows what, was ignored by security – security! professionals.”

“Had the situation been reversed, there is little question that the Committee on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), would be up in arms. So would the American Civil Liberties Union and probably half a dozen Jewish organizations. But in this real life situation, a Jewish woman was stopped as a potential security threat in an airport in New York because she was reading a Jewish newspaper.”

“Will anyone be up in arms?”

No!  No one will be up in arms over what happened to Chesler, but we all should be outraged.  Under the Obama and Holder pro-Muslim regime, it’s apparent that it’s not racial profiling to target Jews, Christians, whites and conservatives, but it is racial profiling if you target a Muslim, black or Hispanic.  This is truly the most racist and discriminatory administration since Lyndon B. Johnson was president.  They are creating a culture of racial bias and segregation in America that sets the civil rights movement back 50 years.

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