Ready for the Droid Army?

We’ve seen this movie, many times and in multiple incarnations. The Star Wars prequels, Terminator, the Avengers …

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that whatever advantages there may be on the loading dock, letting your robot army take over the battlefield is a bad idea.

It isn’t that the machines are likely to spontaneously become intelligent and develop minds of their own. We’ve waited for many years for that to happen with liberals, and it hasn’t occurred yet. The chance of a dumb hunk of lifeless metal doing it seems only slightly higher.

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But machines will never have the insight, instinct or dedication to duty that is necessary to win. At the end of the day, they’re just machines, susceptible to breakdown, sabotage and unexpected vulnerabilities. Any so-called droid army is just one glitch or flawed line of code away from certain defeat.

That isn’t stopping the U.S. Army from studying whether it can replace up to one-quarter of its combat troops with robots.

The first robots won’t be Terminator-style droids or even heavily armed. At least initially, the Army is interested in robots that would haul cargo, carry equipment into combat zones and play support roles.

Such vehicles have already been tested in Afghanistan, where a six-wheeled bag handler called the Squad Mission Support System has gotten positive reviews.

The push for military robots is an attempt to accommodate White House desire to cut back  military personnel while still performing vital functions.

Army bots would join existing squadrons of UAVs, or unmanned aerial vehicles, which have been the terror of Middle  East combat zones.

Technology can be a boon to any military force if used properly. But if used to replace people, the goal is questionable.

The strength of any army is its soldiers. To make decisions about military composition based solely on bean counting, then hoping to patch over weaknesses with fancy tech seems like a serious mistake.

This Administration has been pursuing a reduced military force for years, and it has pursued social and political agendas, paving the way for homosexuals serving openly and for women serving in combat, while persecuting Christians for opposing homosexual “marriage.”

The actions of the Administration have led many people to question the ultimate goals of the president. Flashy robots are no replacement for sound policies. Americans can only look on some of the planned changes in the military with concern.

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