Real Neighborhood Crime Prevention: “This is a Glock Block – We Don’t Call 911”

Residents in a Clackamas County, Oregon neighborhood thought the Neighborhood Watch program as well as their local county police department were both inadequate to provide security for them. They had seen an uptick in petty crime in their area, including thefts and vandalisms, and they decided to form their own neighborhood watch group. They posted signs around their neighborhood that read, “This is a Glock Block – We Don’t Call 911.” The flyers also featured an image of a Glock handgun.

Coy Tolonen, the resident who spearheaded the formation of this group, had a valuable statue stolen from her front yard. She saw the man carry it away, and she even tried to chase after the man, but he got away. That was the last straw. She decided to take a gun safety course and obtain a concealed carry permit. Her neighbors did the same. Now, conversations often turn to “what kind of gun they have” or where “the best gun shops” are.

The Clackamas County Police Department weighed in on this new neighborhood group. KOIN reported:

 “Deputies said that instead of arming themselves, those neighbors should work with a crime prevention specialist. ‘Gun ownership is a right, no doubt about that,’ said Deputy Robert Wurpes with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office. ‘But it comes with a lot of dangers…. You’re bringing a firearm into a situation where maybe there wasn’t one before. That has dangers:  you could get disarmed, the weapon could be used against you.’”

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 Yes, there is a chance that the gun might be used against you by the criminal. There is also a chance that you could die if you don’t have a gun at all. Isn’t it better to be armed and prepared than to be disarmed and completely at the criminal’s mercy?

And what exactly is a “crime prevention specialist?” They offer educational presentations to citizens about how to spot suspicious behavior, tips about locking your doors and windows and securing your belongings, using certain shrubs to guard your house, etc. As far as personal safety goes, they might offer martial arts tips. Anything but encouraging people to carry guns. Leave that to the police. And criminals.

If I were a criminal, I think I’d fear the “Glock Block” far more than the neighborhoods warning about “Neighborhood Watch.”

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