Reality: Collusion Was Between Obama Admin, Intel Community

The only reason that we’re still talking about the possibility of the Trump campaign team “colluding” with anyone in an effort to win the election is because the media is “itching” to rid the nation of President Trump.

This according to respected pundit and longtime Washington, D.C. observer, Michael Barone.

Barone was recently a guest of Neil Cavuto’s on Fox News, where he expressed his shock and dismay that the media was still acting as if President Trump had done something wrong.

This is particularly disturbing when the reality is that President Trump did not collude with anyone… but there is ample evidence that President Obama was assuredly colluding with the intel community against the Trump campaign.

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A lot of Democrats, a lot of people in the press, a lot of critics of Donald Trump have been itching at the bait here waiting for Donald Trump to be thrown out of town by Robert Mueller. He’s going to find that there’s collusion with Russia which is somehow a crime. He’d be forced to resign. It would be like Richard Nixon. I think it’s become increasingly obvious that the chances of that happening are zooming down towards zero…

We’re seeing an increasing likelihood that there is collusion here, but the collusion was going on by the enemies of Mr. Trump in the Obama administration, law enforcement, and intelligence operations, and you just reported on the dispute between James Comey, former FBI director, Andrew McCabe, the former assistant FBI director. The Inspector General has made a criminal referral for Mr. McCabe. Mr. McCabe said James Comey, the FBI director, is lying about him. These are people that seem to be in collusion, but collusion sometimes causes problems and it is difficult to carry out.

And what we’re seeing here as well is James Comey really discredited himself on his book tour. He’s making charges that he can’t substantiate. He’s admitting that he made his decision based on, for example, the October 28th statement on the Hillary Clinton investigation, with an eye on the political atmosphere and the situation as he perceived it…

and he also admitted when he told the president, right about the time he was inaugurated, about the Christopher Steele memo was the sole document for a FISA warrant.”

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