Reciting Pledge of Allegiance in Class ‘Too Risky’ Says Teacher

Did you ever think you would see the day that reciting the full Pledge of Allegiance in a classroom would be considered too risky and pose legal repercussion?

That’s the case according to one recently retired teacher in Utah.

Sandra Gertsch was an elementary school teacher in Salt Lake County, Utah before retiring last year. In an interview, she told a local news source:

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“I retired from teaching just last year, and although I would recite the pledge with my class, it was only on special occasions.”

“There was just too much risk reciting the pledge often … we walked on egg shells with both parents and administrative faculty.”

When I read this, I couldn’t help but realize that the words of the Pledge mean nothing anymore. The Pledge states that we are a republic, but that’s not true anymore. The Pledge defines us an indivisible, but except for the Civil War, we have never been more divided than we are today. The Pledge states that we have liberty and justice for all, but again that’s not true. Lastly, the Pledge states that we are one nation under God, but our country has abandoned God.

The justice and liberty that exists in America today is for liberals, socialists, homosexuals and Muslims. If you are a conservative straight Christian, you have seen many of your rights and liberties stripped away. In many places throughout America, you can’t pray out loud or gather to worship without being arrested for violating some socialist law. A Muslim can operate their business according to their religion but Christian business owners are being sued and threatened all the time for practicing their faith in their business dealings.

If you don’t believe me, go to a Muslim owned butcher shop and order pork for your wedding reception dinner. They will turn you down and refuse your order because touching anything associated with a pig is against their faith. But let a gay couple order a wedding cake or flowers for their wedding and a Christian is forced to comply or face stiff fines, possible jail time or the closing of their business.

I was taught an early age that the Pledge of Allegiance was very important and that it and the American flag stood for something. I have always been proud to say the Pledge and will always be. Sadly, today the Pledge means nothing to so many Americans that fail to understand how many millions of Americans have died and been wounded defending the flag and giving us the right to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States. All they see are some empty words that violate their sensitive nature and offends their liberal ways.

I’ve repeated the phrase ‘America: love it or leave it’ many times and will continue to do so. In my opinion, if the Pledge of America offends you, then you should seriously consider moving to some other country. Don’t push your liberal and socialist agenda on us. There’s bound to be a country to your liking elsewhere, but don’t try changing ours to fit your perverse ways. Either stand tall and recite the Pledge with pride or shut up and get the heck out of this country!

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