‘Red State’ Writer Claimed ‘Trump is Antichrist’

When Obama was President, I wrote an article addressing the claim made by some that he might be the antichrist. You can read it here. There’s an article on RedState.com with the title “Trump is Antichrist” that was written by C. L. Connett and published in May of 2016. There have been others. Red State isn’t exactly a “Never Trump” site, but it’s irritatingly close.

Identifying political figures as an antichrist or the antichrist has a long history. Even Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6) who lived at 666 St. Cloud Road (later changed to 668 by Nancy)1 was tapped as an antichrist figure:

As Robert Fuller explains in his 1995 book, Naming the Antichrist: The History of an American Obsession, “apocalyptic name-calling” has a long, rich history here. While it goes back to the Puritans, in the 20th century it has often centered around divisive figures. Some of the century’s most violent leaders — Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Francisco Franco, and Josef Stalin — have been tapped as possible Antichrists. (The Outline)

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Some Republicans are infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome (although not as bad as some Democrats) like many on the Right were struck with Obama Derangement Syndrome for eight years. Red State is not as bad as some anti-Trump sites, but a number of writers can’t seem to get over the fact that Trump won in November, and they are doing little to help to get his campaign promises enacted. I don’t think anyone at Red State prefers Hillary over Trump, but sometimes I wonder.

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I recognize that Connett’s article was written during the primary season, but its over-the-top claims border on a certain type of pathology that is still present among many Republicans who would like to see Trump brought down. Connett, who is a seminary graduate (as I am), wrote, “I feel I’m justified in saying that from a theological perspective, Donald Trump is an Antichrist.” He goes on to write:

Note that I’m not saying he is “the” antichrist.  In fact, in the Christian tradition there isn’t even an agreement that there is necessarily one antichrist who is the anti-type of the antichrists we otherwise find in Scripture and in the world.  However, looking at Scripture, Donald Trump fits the description of an antichrist, all the way down to the fact that Christians are supporting him.

Read the rest of the article at GaryDeMar.com


  1. A Los Angeles Times article reported: “In August, 1986, [a group of 18 ‘financially independent’ friends] bought the 7,192-square-foot ranch-style house at 666 St. Cloud Road in Bel-Air for $2.5 million. In February, the address was officially changed to 668 on city records because of the ‘mutual concern’ of the Reagans that the old number could be construed as a Biblical reference to Satan, according to Elaine Crispen, press secretary for Nancy Reagan.” []
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