Reid, Obama Say Violence Only Happens Here

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has jumped on the president’s anti-gun bandwagon, echoing his assertion that “mass violence” only happens in the United States, not other “advanced” countries.

This is how liberals honor the victims in an attack like the one in the South Carolina church, by using the dead to shamelessly score points for their favorite political agendas.

Je suis Charlie, senator, n’est-ce pas?

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Oh, wait, that’s right. Neither the Congress nor the Obama Administration sent anyone to join in the Paris marches after the slaughter of 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. So how could a United States senator and a president possibly know about the killings?

In fact, Europe has seen more than its share of gore, much of it connected to Muslim intransigence — everything from rioting to murder. The 2013 killing of a British soldier in broad daylight in a London street may not have been “mass” violence by the senator’s and president’s standards, but surely even their aged minds can recollect the incident.

This latest round of gun-control nonsense stems from the recent killings of nine people in Charleston. As usual, not a one of the proposals being put forth would have stopped Dylann Roof from doing what he did.

It’s obvious to any rational person that guns aren’t the problem. The problem is the human soul.

Look at the bloodletting by the barbarians of ISIS. Beheadings, crucifixions, drownings — any method of killing is fine with them. Just this week it was reported that ISIS drowned prisoners in a cage and crucified two boys who didn’t fast on Ramadan. A video shows them killing prisoners with explosive necklaces.

These all took place in Syria, a reasonably modern, albeit war-torn, country.

Apparently, those don’t count during a week where the president is hosting iftar dinners and making excuses for the failings of Islam.

It’s all very tiresome listening to liberals justify their gun-grabbing ways as “common sense” when the only sensible way to diminish violence and crime in general is to encourage common people to arm themselves and become skilled in the use of those arms.

Declaring gun and ammo bans, or the ridiculous “gun-free zones” just makes more people targets for the bad guys.

Reid, who earlier this year was beaten with an inch of his life by a piece of gym equipment that some say resembled his brother, certainly knows about violence firsthand. He should stop trying to turn his fellow Americans into victims.




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