Religious Leaders Draw Line on Marriage

In a clear warning to the Supreme Court, Jewish and Christian leaders have taken out a full page ad in several newspapers promising not to obey any ruling that declares a constitutional right to homosexual marriage.

The signatories to the ad include big names like Franklin Graham, James Dobson, Alveda King, Jerry Boykin, Frank Pavone, Don Wildmon and Alan Keyes.

Together, the organizations represent tens of millions of people, and their leaders are obviously in no mood to compromise on the issue of marriage. The ad says, in part:

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“We affirm that marriage, as existing solely between one man and one woman, precedes civil government. Though affirmed, fulfilled and elevated by faith, the truth that marriage can exist only between one man and one woman is not based solely on religion but on the Natural Law, written on the human heart. …

“We implore this court to not step outside of its legitimate authority and unleash religious persecution and discrimination against people of faith. …”

“We will not honor any decision by the Supreme Court which will force us to violate a clear biblical understanding of marriage as solely the union of one man and one woman.”

The Supreme Court ruling on homosexual marriage could come any day now.

The Left has managed to stack the court under President Obama with the addition of two extremely liberal justices, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor.

Kagan and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg have already made clear their feelings about two men or two women “marrying” each other by performing homosexual marriage ceremonies.

Both have declined to recuse themselves from the current decision.

That’s called judicial corruption, and apparently the Supreme Court justices are all fine with it, which makes you wonder what kind of dirt the White House or other interested parties have on the other seven justices.

If the Supreme Court dares to do this thing, create a right to homosexual marriage and try to pin it on the Constitution rather than their own benighted imaginations, it very well could be the straw that breaks the American camel’s back.

America was founded on a promise of religious liberty and free speech, both of which are intimately connected and both of which will be shut down if the queer rights lobbyists get their way.

The advocates for homosexual marriage has always hidden their real intentions behind the civil rights language of “equality,” when no inequality in homosexuals’ treatment ever existed.

Homosexuals were never denied any right that other people enjoyed. Rather, what they have sought is a new right, and advocates have repeatedly made clear that their real desire is to use the law to punish Christians and anyone else whose religion has made them feel like sinners.

Naturally, the obtuse Left likes to turn reality around and claim that opposition to homosexual “marriage” is based in hate, rather than in Christians’ respect for God, tradition, society and common sense.

If the court rules in favor of homosexual marriage and perverts the Constitution, then when all those religious leaders stand up for what’s right, it’s going to be decision time for the rest of us.

I already plan to stand with them. How about you?

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