Rep King Says Hillary Clinton Lied to Congress & American People about Benghazi

Iowa Republican Rep Steve King came out with both barrels blasting in an interview with WND concerning Benghazi and Hillary Clinton.  King didn’t mince words or do the political two step when it came to Hillary’s statements about what happened at Benghazi.  King said that she lied to Congress and the American people and that she knew the truth when she was lying.

King said that he was present at a closed door classified briefing with Hillary in attendance.  He said he cannot divulge what was said at that meeting, but did say that what she told in the briefing was a lie and she knew it was a lie.  According to King:

“I will just tell you that the administration’s officials told the same lies to members of Congress in a classified setting that they told the public five times on Sunday.”

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“We know that’s false.  On top of that, we know they knew it was false. They knew within three hours that it was a calculated, strategized attack by an organized enemy on that compound and that annex in Benghazi.”

When asked how King knows that Hillary is lying, he responded:

“Because, I heard her with my own ears.”

The interviewer asked King about Hillary’s now famous response about what difference does it make as to how the four Americans died in Benghazi.  He said:

“The reason it makes a difference, Hillary Clinton, is because this administration lied to the American people. Her voice was one of those voices that lied to the American people.”

Further evidence of Hillary Clinton’s lying to the American people and Congress came in the testimony of Gen Carter Ham, who at the time was in charge of US ground forces in North Africa.  In his testimony, he said that he quickly told then Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen Martin Dempsey that the attack on the Benghazi compound was a terrorist attack and had nothing to do with any kind of protest.  Yet both Hillary and Obama continued to tell the nation that the attack was a protest over the anti-Muslim video that got out of control.

Additionally, Deputy Chief of Mission Gregory Hicks and two others that were in Tripoli at the time of the attack, have testified that there was no evidence that it had anything to do with a protest.  Hicks has said that the statement issued by Susan Rice was completely false and groundless and that the administration knew that before she went public.

In my opinion, I believe the worst lie of all that Hillary told about Benghazi was when she told the families of the victims that she would keep them informed as to how their loved ones died.  Last September, Patricia Smith, mother of slain information officer Sean Smith and Charles Woods, father of slain Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods testified before Congress about the lies they’ve been told by Hillary, Obama and the rest of the Obama administration.  Before their testimony began, most of the Democrats in the room got up and left, indicating they did not want to be present to hear how their heroes have treated the families of the Benghazi victims.  The last I read, Smith and Woods have still never been kept informed or told the truth by Obama, Hillary or Panetta, the three who told them face to face they would tell them everything.

When Hillary Clinton burst out in anger last year and said what difference does it matter, I wonder how those parents of the victims felt hearing her say that.  To them it means all the difference in the world.  Hillary promised to tell them and then she tells the nation, what difference does it make?  I bet if something happened to Bill or Chelsey that Hillary would be the first in line demanding answers, but then she and Obama have always expected to be treated far superiorly than the rest of America.

Yet, the mainstream media won’t be telling the American people about any of this as it would definitely hurt Hillary’s chances of winning the 2016 presidential election.  The media is so entranced with her that they probably have their Hillary Wins headlines already printed and ready to go.  It’s going to be up to Republicans like Rep Steve King and whoever runs against Hillary to tell the American people about her blatant and intentional lies to Congress and them.  The people need to know that Hillary no different than Obama when it comes to knowingly lying to the American people and deceiving them every chance she gets.

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