Report: Fears Over Plastic in Oceans is Fake Science

A new report out this month finds that the so-called “plastic crisis” in the world’s oceans is bad science, that there really is no serious problem with bits of plastic in our waters, and that the so-called “Texas-sized garbage patches” swirling in the oceans is fake news.

Worries about plastic in our environment is close to becoming the left’s newest worry and brings nearly as much wild-eyed predictions of doom as talk of global warming, a post at Climate Depot says. But most of these worries about plastic in the environment is a lot of sturm und drang signifying nothing.

According to Ecologist Dr. Patrick Moore, a founding member of the left-wing enviro group Greenpeace, most of the proclamations of plastic doom are overwrought and some are even based of false claims.

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Many reports have hit the wires over the past few years that microparticles of plastic are found everywhere, even in our own digestive tracts and the digestive tracts of animals.

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While this is presented as an alarming proposition and one that should scare us all, Moore finds the worries to be based on no real proof.

As Climate Deport reported, Moore said:

“What I don’t get is why it is assumed that a bit of plastic in your digestive tract is probably ‘harmful.’ This is the same plastic nearly all our food is packaged, transported, stored, and often served in. It is essentially inert and with the main exception of PVC, which contains chlorine, is made of 100% carbon and hydrogen. And because it is so inert it goes right through us like a small pebble or the cellulose in a kernel of corn.”

Moore also suggested that the worries over a “garbage patch” island of plastic waste swirling in the oceans is also just fake news.

Now the ‘sea of plastic garbage’ is the ‘size of Alaska.’ Last month it was ‘the size of Texas’ yet no satellite photo has been presented because the sea of plastic is a fiction. The ultimate in Fake News.”

This “garbage patch” is not nearly as bad as many fake news reports want you to believe and is based on cherry picked data that is then distorted from facts.

“Some scientists are genuinely concerned about the fact that concentrations of ‘microplastics’ in some parts of the oceans are relatively high. However, the concentrations that they are talking about are relatively modest, e.g., a few hundred fragments per square mile in the worst regions,” the report concludes. “Also, the average sizes of these plastic fragments are very small, e.g., less than 1/16 inches in diameter…Despite this, Greenpeace has been actively misleading the public to create the perception that there are massive floating ‘islands’ filled with plastic bottles, plastic bags and other plastic debris,” the report notes. “They are deliberately misleading the public by fabricating a fictional ‘crisis’ and trying to turn it into an excuse to abandon ‘single use plastics.”

Greenpeace has been hyping the alleged plastic “crisis” and are using it as “an excellent excuse to blame the western world for their ‘overconsumption,’” according to the new report. “They decided to start campaigning for ‘Zero Waste’ and insisting that we needed to completely stop using ‘single use plastics’ to protect the oceans.”

“Where exactly the plastic is coming from. Greenpeace and others are implying that the developed world is to blame (particularly Europe and North America), but several studies have now confirmed that the problem lies almost entirely with certain developing nations – chiefly in Asia.”

Greenpeace, some media channels, and other environmental activist groups (and to be fair, some scientists too) have used these alarming-sounding names to ridiculously exaggerate the phenomenon, and create the completely false impression that there are these horrendous floating “islands” of our plastic waste somewhere “out there”…

So, once again we see leftists bastardizing science to push their socialist ideals instead of using science as a tool of truth to help make our world a better place.

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