Report: Trump’s Border Wall AMAZINGLY Blocking 90% of Illegal Crossings

The border wall that President Trump has been steadily building on our southern border is reportedly already a huge success.

Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott revealed on Wednesday that the parts of the new wall system that has been built and/or beefed up are 90% “effective,” up from a low 10% before it was built, the Washington Examiner reported.

“It changes everything,” Scott said of the 135-136 miles of new wall, roadways, and high-tech spyware built by the department of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. “There is a huge return on investment,” he said.

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Deputy Chief Raul Ortiz. added, “This system is going to have a huge impact.”

Scott reported that the new barrier system had essentially ended illegal crossings of humans and cars in the San Diego area where the new barriers have been completed.

But the new barrier system has also become a huge cost benefit. It now takes an amazing 150 fewer border patrol agents to patrol the area. This saves the CBP $28 million in salaries and benefits.

Not only that, but the better interior road system has saved wear-and-tear on the department’s vehicles which now last up to 100,000 miles instead of being spent and destroyed at only 60,000.

“There is return after return,” Scott insisted.

Obama’s failed border barriers were easy for illegals to knock down, so easy in fact that illegals were simply driving right over them. But now the barriers won’t allow vehicles to pass. The new barriers have completely ended vehicle crossings.

Scott added that drug trafficking has also been ended in the region.

“It shut down that entire threat. Anywhere we built the border wall system, the first thing it does is shut off those drive-throughs. The second thing is, it shuts off massive amounts of people coming through at the same time. So, it’s forced the drug cartels, especially El Chapo’s group, Sinaloa, to shift tactics,” he said.

Legal and normal commerce is also beginning to return to the areas as the drug wars and the human trafficking has come to an end.

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