Report: Women Unlikely to Perform as Well in Combat as Men

In one of those studies whose results you could have written before the research even began, Congress reports that few women will be able to perform in combat as well as men.

Also, the Marine Corps has announced that it will test men and women to see how well women can perform combat tasks. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the answer is “not very well.”

You might think that the military would have wanted to test this out before outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta decided unilaterally that women could serve in front-line combat.

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But thinking before leaping is not the current Administration’s strong suit.

When Panetta issued his order, he promised that standards would not be compromised and cited the 1993 Gender-Neutral Occupational Performance Standards.

The Congressional Research Service report, obtained by the Washington Times, shows that Congress is already looking for ways around any limitations imposed by those rules. According to the report, the rules may not really prohibit development of a two-tier system of performance standards.

Women in the military currently are not required to do as many  situps or pullups, or to run as fast as men, the report noted: “The use of the term ‘gender-neutral physical standards’ raises questions depending on how it is defined. A plain reading of the term suggests that men and women would be required to meet the same physical standards in order to be similarly assigned. However, in the past, the services have used this and similar terms to suggest that men and women must exert the same amount of energy in a particular task, regardless of the work that is actually accomplished by either.”

Aside from the conceptual physics problem in that statement ( less work equals same energy), it smacks of the Clintonian, depending on what the definition of “is” is.

In plain English, it means that women don’t have to be able to keep up with the men, so long as they try really hard.

Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has strongly implied that standards will be lowered for women, saying that if women can’t cut it under current combat standards, the various military branches need to have a good reason why the standards are so high.

I dunno, maybe survival?

Our military seems to be crumbling as we speak, but at least liberals will have “equality.” Gosh, I feel safer already.

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