Reporter Asks White House if Obama Considers Himself Emperor

Generally the liberal mainstream media bend over backwards to protect and praise Barack Obama. They often refuse to cover stories that would reveal the truth behind what Obama has been doing since assuming the throne.

When the media covered Washington scandals such as Fast and Furious, Benghazi and the IRS targeting of conservatives and Christians, they pretty much refrained from casting any suspicion that Obama was involved or knew about these things as they happened. Evidence has since shown that Obama not only knew but directed many of the scandalous actions taken by his administration, but the media has tried their best to shield him.

That’s why what happened at a recent White House press briefing may indicate that Obama’s ivory tower of press support could be cracking.

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Jonathan Karl, a reporter for ABC questioned White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest about Obama and his amnesty stance. Karl started by referring to a statement Obama made a year ago about not being the emperor of the United States. The discourse went like this:

Karl: “Does the president still stand by what he said last year when he said, ‘I am not the emperor of the United States. My job is to execute laws that are passed.’ Is that still operative?”

Earnest: “Absolutely.”

Karl: “Not a king, either?”

Earnest: “That’s right.”

Karl: “Because [Obama] was asked very specifically about the idea of expanding the deferred action executive order for the DREAMers to their parents. And he said September 17thlast year on Telemundo, very clearly: ‘If we start broadening that, then essentially I would be ignoring the law in a way that would be very difficult to defend legally so that is not an option. Is that still operative – when the president said specifically that expanding the DACA executive order is not an option because it would be ignoring the law? Does he still believe that?”

Earnest: “Well Jon, I don’t want to get ahead of – what – any sort of announcements that the president may make, before the end of the year, about executive actions that he may take to fix our broken immigration system. Since [the Telemundo] interview aired, the president did direct the attorney general and the secretary of homeland security to conduct a review of the law to determine what, if any, authority he could use to try to fix some of the problems that House Republicans have refused to address. So this is something that has been under consideration for some time …”

Karl: “So just to be clear, you’re saying this is no longer operative because we’ve had a review. So when the president said that expanding DACA to apply to parents of DREAMers would be ‘broadening and essentially ignoring the law in a way that would be difficult to defend legally, that it’s not an option’ – that statement is no longer operative?”

Earnest: “Well, what I’m saying is, we’ll have an opportunity to evaluate the options that the president has chosen to take after he’s announced that …”

Karl: “But I’m not asking about the options. I’m just saying: Does the president still stand by what he said in that interview in September last year?”

Earnest: “Well, Jon, obviously there are some things that have changed. …”

Karl: “So no.”

Earnest: “Well it’s not. Obviously there are some things that have changed. We have been in a situation where the president has ordered a broader, in-depth review of the existing law to determine what sort of executive authority does rest with the presidency to determine what sort of steps he could take.”

Karl went after Earnest like a hound after a rabbit. He was hot on the trail of Obama’s turnabout on amnesty and his actions that make him look more like an emperor who thinks he’s above the law. A year ago Obama stated that he’s not the emperor, but after Karl kept pushing Earnest admitted that things have changed. In the context of that discourse, that change indicates that Obama now considers himself to be emperor of the United States and above the law.

Hopefully other reporters and the rest of the liberal media will start to realize what Karl ferreted out and turn their loyalty to Obama into mistrust and go after him like knife into butter. It’s time that Obama and his attitude of supremacy is taken down and his ivory tower collapses into a jail cell where he really belongs.

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