Reporter says James Comey’s New Book is a ‘fantasy’ and ‘fiction’ like a ‘Harlequin Romance’ Novel!

By Joe Newby and Jeff Dunetz

The New York Times and CNN seem to love a new book written by fired FBI Director James Comey, but Gregg Jarrett, a legal and political analyst for Fox News, isn’t impressed.  After reading the tome, he slammed it as having “no demonstrable truth,” calling it “fiction” and “fantasy.”

“I obtained a copy of Comey’s book,” he said. “I’m halfway through, but so far there is nothing resembling the truth. I’ll keep searching for something other than self-adoration and puffery. So far, there is no demonstrable truth. Which puts a lie to the title of the book.”

After he finished reading the book, titled “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership,” he added, “I’ve finished reading Comey’ book It’s an easy and superficial read. I saw nothing that was true. I can only conclude that Comey’s version of events is fantasy. It is fiction. Things will end badly for Comey. He stole government documents.”

One person responded to Jarrett and compared the book to a Harlequin romance novel:

Fifty shades of Comey? Ouch, that had to hurt.

One person told Jarrett there’s no one in Washington with the cojones to prosecute Comey:

Comey’s book, Politico said, isn’t set to hit newsstands until Tuesday, but “numerous publications had obtained either sneak peeks or full copies of the book by Thursday evening.”

Politico added:

Comey sat down for five hours with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos this week for an exclusive interview, an edited version of which is set to air Sunday night, the first in a series of prominent appearances poised to dominate news cycles. Other stops on Comey’s jam-packed April tour include a “Late Show” appearance on Tuesday, a sit-down with the co-hosts of “The View” on Wednesday and a CNN town hall on April 25.

Stephanopoulos will probably be most favorable to Comey, after all, he has been known to accept questions from team Hillary Clinton when interviewing authors…


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